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Check up time

Well back for check up today, all seems okay so scan in October and get result in November. Hopefully they wont leave too much of a gap between both. Was told ten days by the registrar. Regarding the Avastin, treatment will terminate around that time also. Length of time two years will be up. The body needs a break after two years seems to be the policy. Regarding my naevity about the colonoscopy of course they tell you to have it and allay any fears I or my gp may have. But biopsies not allowed. So have to ring Admissions Secretary tomorrow to remake appointment. The appointment I got in the post was cancelled as the list was double booked. I suppose I have to go with the flow pardon the pun. Sending my best wishes to those on treatment, I hope everything is going as it should be. I am also thinking of anyone who has been diagnosed with OC or with a recurrence and waiting to start treatment.

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Good news Suzuki. The longer we get between treatments the better in my opinion and that of my oncologist too. We can't get A vast in, as you know, in NI but it seems reasonable that they need to let your body have a break from it after 2 years. I'm waiting on an appointment for my next scan, this k it will be towards end of Aug.

Hope you don't have to wit too long for your colonscopy. Hope all goes well.

Ann x


HI Ann, thank you for that, I kinda knew it wouldnt go beyond the two years. Yes we are lucky to have Avastin here in Cork. Some of other centres in the South dont have it. I thought it was widely available but if the HSE Budget in a particular area is small, its not available. I suppose the body needs a break. I could do without the scope as you can gather, I am not a fan but will always do as I am told. Really the knack in all this is to enjoy yourself as much as you can between scans checks and the likes if you can. So will organise apt for scope tomo the sooner the better I think not to be worrying about it.

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Great to read your good review news....long may such good news continue.

Know the length of time on Avastin is like a piece of string....how long is that????

Can understand why the biopsy can't be done..as you need a wash out period of about 4 weeks from Avastin before any possible bleeding. Just saw your text.....so a different view.

Am always shocked at the delay in getting your scan results though....no reason at all why the results can't be available later the same day or the next day at the latest.

talk soon.



Daisies, the plot thickens, I came away last week with an apt for Nov for the prof and waiting for apt for ct scan in Oct. Now my November apt with prof for review is gone to December by post. I have had no ct apt as yet but will get on to them, Eileen the liason nurse is away this week maybe next as well. I was just thinking the same about the scope, what does a week matter. I have changed my Avastin apt to a week later. I suspect my trouble could be caused by either a skin tag or a fissure from the Avastin because sure enough, the whole thing started again at the weekend. I hope that is all,? In addition, now when they take out the canula, I bleed out for a bit. Definitely the awkward patient. Well the doc was very sure of herself but I questioned her and she had to relay my questions to the professor.


Hi Suzuki, I am glad everything went well for you at your appointment, think of all the free time you will have when you are finished with Avastin. I hope you have a great time in Clare and the sun shines for you. Kittie


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