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Many are going through such a tough time at the moment, I am rather hesitant to post. I was in clinic today for the result of my ct scan. The team are pleased, I have remained stable so have an extended leave of absence from the Oncology Unit. This leaves me with queries as to why Avastin works better for some and not for others? I was loathe to ask that question today. As regards the hip pain its wear and tear and inflammation so I will have to check in with my gp about this at some stage. So back for review in August. I am now over ten years down the road and I really want to give hope to all of you out there, Back in 2010, my onc didnt paint a pretty picture but I responded well to chemo for a recurrence. I was told then that at some stage I might get a break from chemo. I have had ups and downs but have done far better than expected. So I hope this post will give strength and hope to others. On a lighter note, excuse the pun, Bravehearts had their end of year Concert in Nemo Rangers, a hurling a foot ball club in Cork, last night. It was a brilliant night, with some soloists and a Drumming Band as well as the Bravehearts who sang extremely, of course I am biased, being a choir member.

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  • Brilliant Joan!!!!

    Long may it last!! Have a fab summer now hopefully we will get some semi decent weather!!!! We live in Hope!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!!!


  • Hi Joan,

    Great news, don't be apologetic,it is difficult,but I think positive news gives hope to us all.

    I have been quiet,have just come back from the amazing Dubrovnik and disappear to Turkey for the wedding in 2 weeks, we all have our ups and downs, good times in between and none of us know what the future holds,but a summer of a break from the c word can only be good and I am hoping for the same after my check on the 1st of June.

    Love your news and I hope you have loads of plans for the summer


    Carole xxx

  • Dubrovnik is lovely have been there twice, one to Cavtat and the second time to Lapad. Both places accessible to Dubrovnik by bus. So best of luck for the wedding in two weeks times. I have yet to get my daughter to help me upload a photo of the happy couple. I hope you all have a brilliant time, plenty of fun laughter and a bit of heat as well. Also some family time!!!!

  • Thanks Joan,

    We were in Dubrovnik about a 10 minute drive to the old town and I would Definately go back.

    Thanks for your good wishes,look forward to another photo and maybe if I can get some help I will upload a photo too,

    Best wishes

    Carole xx

  • Suzuki, that's brilliant news and nice to hear something positive today. Don't be afraid to post. Good news stories are what keeps us going. Enjoy your freedom. Ann xo

  • Such good news. So pleased. X

  • I'm so happy for you. It gives many of us hope!! Many blessings to you! xx


  • We need good news Joan. Delighted dor you. It gives us all hope xo

  • Hi Suzuki, It is posts like this that keeps us going. Never be afraid to share good news. 10 years fantastic you give me HOPE . Over the last 3 years I have been on this wonderful forum you have shared good and bad with us all and have been an inspiration to me. So go now plan a lovely holiday and spoil your grandson. Kittie.

  • Hi Joan, that's amazing news. Happy summer for you and family, well deserved!

    I think sharing good news is what we need. We need a hope! 10 years... I wish all of us 10 year, just for start, and then much, much more after that.

    Let's start repeat our mantra: we are fighting, we won't let it go, we are strong and we will life long, long and happy life!!

    Best wishes

    Zaneta xx

  • Wow Suzuki, you should be shouting that from the rooftops not being hesitant to say. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

    Look after yourself , you're obviously doing something right and long may it continue....

    Don't query why something's work for some and not for others, that's far too complicated and if the medical world can't answer that question yet, then how can you ?

    All the best Dawn

  • wonderful news Suzuki am very happy for you .Enjoy the freedom and lets hope the sun shines.

  • Thank you Connie, I am on a high today,

  • Hi Suzuki what good news for you, You are an inspiration, enjoy your leave of absence,

    Take care of yourself

    L x

  • Delighted to hear this wonderful news - very happy for you and all your family. Enjoy this time and thank you for all your support and advice on this forum - you're always so supportive to us all. X

  • Great to hear your good news, we need these positive stories! Ten years is fantastic and your attitude is inspirational.

    Am just starting on avastin and really hoping and praying it will work for me too.

    Thanks for posting.

    Madeline xx

  • Hi Madeline, you should find it fairly okay apart from nasal issues which can be sorted by NeilMed rinses, yes I got foot pain towards the end and other aches but it did work and I stay stable so it was worth the boxes of neil med and tissues.

  • Thanks Suzuki, that's helpful. Do you mind me asking how long is it since you stopped the avastin?

  • Sorry just retread your profile! Keep on enjoying your retirement xx

  • I stopped the Avastin at the beginning of October and this was my first scan since. The Avastin did work well for me in that I got shrinkage of nodes twice which wasnt expected. So all has stayed the same tg.

  • That's great news. It's uplifting to read positives, especially for a chemo sceptic like me.

    Long may it continue

    LA xx

  • That's really good news, so glad for you, and that the avastin as worked for you. As you know onc took me off it, and really felt good on it not too bad side effects. So started new chemo yesterday, so far am feeling OK, may start feeling it tomorrow. Love and hugs juliexx

  • Hi Juliette, hoping all goes well for you in this treatment.

  • Thank-you suzuki, xx

  • Fantastic news! xx

  • Great news and such an inspiration.Have a happy and healthy summer.

  • Fantastic news! Delighted for you , thanks for posting the good news , it's lovely to hear. Enjoy your summer ,

  • Thanks for this uplifting message which I've only just seen as I don't look at the Ovacare site as much as Ovacome. It came just at the right time following the devasting news of Annie which has shaken us all. I personally have felt quite vulnerable since the news - it'slike some malign darkness has decided to visit and scatter around a dusting of doom and send an unwelcome reality check to sour our hope and curdle our confidence . However, your good news has counteracted that to an extent and sent the gremlins scurrying back to wherever they lurk waiting for more bad news to torment us with. I don't think I realised that you were ten years in with this most unwelcome condition and it's so uplifting to find that you're still going strong and that good things do happenfter all. Today of all days that good news was needed. Thank you Joan.

    Beth X

  • Thank you so much, was a bit distracted all week as my friend on chemo with me has had another diagnosis, so all went a bit flat but you have to keep on keeping on. I had a lovely walk yesterday in a beauty spot in Cork and it helped me chill a bit. Lovely to see the Geese with their young on the grass. It is a Lough on the outskirts of Cork City and you walk all around it as many times as you want. No dogs dragging me and my handbag locked in the boot of the car, so it was really carefree hour .

  • Thankyou. Such uplifting news. The thought that both quality and quantity of life is a realistic option for some of us is good to hear. I can go to bed tonight happier than I was this morning.

    I was at the theatre tonight with some friends from work, we had a meal, some wine and laughed till we cried. Really lived today.

    Loraine x

  • Hi grannylo, I am glad you had a lovely evening, it is good to do normal stuff and behave like a normal person while under this cloud. I have stopped stressing less and my former workmates even notice it. Now the state of the house is another thing but will do it bit by bit. I need to crack a whip or two or three haha

  • Fantastic news about your scan,what a relief to you and family.At least now you'll have a break for another while.What a few months you have had and all good happenings for you.Well done on the choir.I think I saw some of the performance on Facebook.my right arm is still very sore so forgive me for not replying earlier.xx

  • Yes Bravehearts held a concert for Cork Arc and their own expenses in Cork last Sunday night, totally apart from the marathon. We are now finished for the summer months. I am happy about the scan and I am very grateful to be getting a break. I hope you are recovering from your latest stay in hospital and that you are feeling better apart from the arm. Arnica Cream is good for bruising and swelling after the cannula etc. I hope you will be well enough to come to the coffee morning on June 11th at the Clarion

  • I think everyone is encouraged when we hear stories such as yours. We hear loads of stories of unfortunate outcomes but I think all good news should be shared­čść. Here's to 10 more years!

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