Today I went for my 3 month check up and all went well Thank God. I didnt see my consultant but one of his team who I never saw before, she was absolutely brilliant and made me feel so relaxed. As Im getting more confident I went in with my list of questions and she answered everyone of them and explained anything I didnt understand to me she was in no hurry even though the waiting room was packed. For the 1st time since I finished treatment I felt someone was their for me and understood what I was saying. Maybe been female had something to do with it.

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  • Dear Kittie

    I'm so glad your appointment went well. I think it's good to feed back - if only via the CNS nurse - how positive and reassuring you found this meeting. Perhaps it's possible to see this lady again given she suited you so well.

    Good luck for many more positive and happy outcomes. xxx Annie

  • Hi Kittie, glad you go on ok at your check up. That doc really sounds nice. My registrar has changed to also a female and she is very nice. She spoke to me before treatment yesterday as having a problem with the Gemzar and prescribed light steroids which seem to have done the job together with maxalon. I got another prescription for anti sick which I dont think I need now. I am eating better this time around and not so queasy. Even drove the car to the shop earlier. So hoping the rest of the week goes ok. Back again next Tues for more Gem but wont mind it with the steroids and have to see onocologist on Monday afto.

  • Hi Whippit,Yes it is great to go to an appointment and get all your questions answered, When Im back in the hospital in 3 weeks for my port flush and bloods Im going to ask the nurses about her I think she is new to the team. I log on to the Ovacome site every couple of days and have read your posts you are some woman with all the work you do for ovarian cancer. Good luck with your treatment you are having at the moment hope it all goes well for you.

  • Hi Suzuki Im glad things are going better for you now. I have been reading your posts the last couple of weeks but not answering as I couldnt get my mind around all the different chemo meds, its good to know their are plenty of different combinations as I was told I will need more treatment sometime in the future

  • Kittie, dllighted to read your good news - onwards & upwards and best wishes for many more good reviews with Doc. I am still on Avastin, so reviews are an issue at present, but I do get to see my Oncologist every 3 weeks, and any questions or comments from me are clearly answered & explained. I agree with the others though - there are so many treatments available & given it is mind blowing..

  • Hi Kittie. Delighted your review went well for you. I think the more informed we are the more confident we are with the medical team. The information I have gotten on this site and from all the ladies I have corresponded with has definitely helped me in that regard. Here's hoping for many more positive reviews for you.

  • Hi Kittie, yes I agree it is good there are many treatments out there now for us. We can find ways of coping with the side effects with the help of our medical teams. Am really pleased with myself, went off to the shopping centre today on my own for groceries etc. Some days I had to be driven but today was a good day. I am trying to be more positive about this beastly disease and doing my best to cope and of course appreciate what I have in life, that is a very important factor.

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