Results of scan

Results of scan

Hi fellow Ovarians! ;-)

Went to see the prof today and he was happy with the results of my scan.Lymph Nodes reduced,extra nodule on second lung but nothing to worry about as it's only 3mm,one tumour on peritenium increased to 9mm but he is not too worried about that either.Its difficult to understand the biology etc of Avastin .If it's supposed to cut off blood supply to cancer how come more can pop up.Anyway ,I'm just glad the result was one of positivity and that I don't have to go back on Chemo at the moment.Hopefully will be at the coffee morning in the Clarion on the 16th.Have a wonderful weekend,forget the housework,go out have a coffee and cake,go see a movie or just veg out with chocolate(my favourite pastime) ha ha xxx

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  • Bloody Hell the picture came out very big.I thought it would be thumbnail size.Sorry about that.

  • From one Annie to Another! I thought it was a lovely pic and a wonderful uplifting post. You look very happy with your scan results and I'm going to take your advice on enjoyable weekend activities and no housework!

    Professor Jayson told us at the Ask the Expert Day that small tumours don't have blood supplies so Avastin doesn't work on them. It's only once they get a bit bigger they need blood to grow. That, I guess, is why little ones continue to pop up even though we might be on Avastin.

    Now where's that chocolate? xx Annie

  • Hi annieH1, congratulations on your scan results and what a wonderful photo. I too have turned into a chocaholic especially when I come home after having my treatment , I also hope to make the coffee morning next weekend. Take care and do something special to celebrate your good news. Kittie.

  • Hi Kittie,thanks.I hope they have nice chocolate covered coffee next Saturday ha ha.enjoy your weekend and I do hope to meet you next Saturday. X

  • Thanks Annie,thanks for the info regarding the Avastin.I guess it's like the game "Bash the Hippo",every time one pops up you bash it down again.Hope your relaxing and enjoying weekend.x

  • ha ha - love the idea of Bath the Hippo. I had a great relaxing weekend with the family. xxx

  • Well done you, you look so happy and so you should. Hope you celebrated last night,

    I also hope to be at the coffee morning so will meet up with you then. I spent today at Silversprings at the Womans Way Health Day. Topics and stalls, I got a lovely back massage by some people who work from Camden Wharf. I was so relaxed and almost asleep on the chair when a friend came over and sat near me and never stopped chatting to her companion. There was a lovely talk on nutrition telling us that flaxseed and omega 3 reduces inflamation and we should also drink plenty of water. My cousin asked me to go with her as she had tickets. So we had a cuppa and another cuppa and a chat ourselves. So it was an unusual Saturday for me. I came home and my daughter was in her friends house nearby. She came back in and said Oh V and her Mum and I are going to SCoozies for tea. I was never asked, the obvious question, would you like to come? So there she has gone off with her friend and her friends Mum and left her own Mum at home. Wouldnt you like to strangle people at times?

  • Ha ha typical ,I think the kids feel we cramp their style and your daughter probably thinks you have a better social life than her ! That photo was taken 2 yrs ago,I can assure you I don't look like that anymore.Sounds like you had a wonderful day,and to have a massage must have been bliss.Thank you for the advice regarding the Flaxseed all tips greatly appreciated.I asked the prof yesterday if I could take Turmeric,he said it should cause no problem just turn your skin yellow and you'd have to take high doses daily,so I'm weighing up my options,Large quantities of Turmeric turn skin yellow cost approx €6, fake tan cost €30-40 = no contest !

    I hope your chilling tonight,relaxing with feet up and having a "Me Time" occasion.Hope to see you next Saturday.x x

  • I am laughing reading your post about the Tumeric, I asked him the same question a few years back and he more or less said the same but that I would need a skip load of it delivered to my house every day and the neighbours wouldnt like it. But he said it was nice on a breast of chicken when roasting in the Oven. I do juice once a day unless the tummy starts complaining. I use green apples, ginger, celery, carrots and kiwi or whatever is on special in the shops. I start with a green apple and end the process with one. Oh I forgot, I put in bistro salad with beetroot or the watercress/rocket salad. Well the Gynae liason nurse suggested I do this a few years back but not get an expensive juicer. So got the Philips Advance. She also suggested milled Flaxseed from Aldi for yogurts or cereal etc. Needless to say I do take a break from the juicing now and again.

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