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HI All. Just to tell you that my last CT Scans have shown no new tumours, and also CA125 readings are down. So good news to spread to all. Will remain on Avastin - which is working; yippee. Can now look forward as this time last year I wasn't even sure I would see Christmas. As you all know we greet each new positive piece of news with joy. Love to you all.

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  • Hi Daisies

    Great to hear your good news, go out and celebrate even if its only for a coffee.You can go christmas shopping with a weight of your shoulders and a swing in your step. Thanks for letting us all know we love hearing good news.

  • Hi daisies. Thrilled to hear such good news. Couldn't wish for more with Christmas around the corner. Hope that you and your family enjoy every minute of the next few weeks. X

  • Time to celebrate! Love and hugs Wendy x

  • Hi Daisies, great to hear your good news.Gives hope to us when we hear positive news like this. X

  • Hi Daisies, so glad to hear your news. Had my third round of Avastin todaywith Gemzar. They reduced the Gem because it was too strong, my white cells were acting up. Today got the Gem first over an hour and then the Avastin, usually it was the other way round. I suppose they have to see which works best for me. So back on day 8 which is next Tues for more Gem. My markers had come down after the first round of both to 45 which the doc was pleased with. The gynae liason nurse says that on the ground she has heard Avastin doing well with her patients. It is nice to hear good news and gives the rest of us positive vibes. Hope you celebrated even with a cup of coffee in a cafe

  • Hi Suzuki. Delighted to hear your treatment went OK and that the markers are coming down. I know it is frustrating when things go hay-wire, but at least the medical teams can adjust strength levels of drugs to suit us all. Intend to start Christmas shopping tomorrow as I can look forward to it this year. Mind yourseld and take care xxx

  • Exactly, you enjoy your Xmas shopping and treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it. Will let ye know how things are again in another few weeks

  • great to hear your scans are clear.can i ask what your levels were.teh last CA 125 tests I ahd my levels were 52 48 and 39.then the labs told my dr to stop the blood tests unless I had a pelvic mass.i say I have had all along but only recently developed pelvic pain which could be OC or down to an op I had .

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