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scan result

Well got my scan result, all stable except lymph nodes in tummy slightly up. They are keeping an eye on this and rescan early October. Just wondering if I did in fact have a tummy bug that day remember me and the immodium. of course me being me, I never asked. I was tired and frazzled as had a long wait. So have decided to ring gynae nurse and tomorrow and ask her could that be the cause. Got the okay to go on a holiday so that is something to look forward to. I can take a flight if I use proper compression socks. I have no plans as yet, but will no doubt find something to suit. Hope everyone is doing okay despite the fact the weather has got cooler. I have been very lazy about walking but work is going okay. I find it good to get out and stop thinking too much. Tonight trying to organise meeting up with friends for a cuppa during the week, we need our distractions. Wishing you all the best,

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Hi Suzuki. Delighted to hear that you are happy with latest scan results and that you might go on a holiday for yourself. Whether it's at home or abroad - it's great to get away and treat yourself to a bit of "time out" X


Hi Suzuki. I am glad scan results went ok for you and its great that you can now get your head down and book a nice holiday and relax. Yes the weather has got a lot cooler and the autumn feeling is really in the air now. Take care.


Thank you Kittie, rang the gynae nurse today and she said yes if I had a tummy bug, the tummy glands would be up a bit but its hard to say until I get next one and see how they are then.


Suzuki, delighted to hear about your scan results and also, that you can go flying and on holidays. It's amazing that still forget to tell the nurse/oncologist/registrar etc about bugs, ,sore throats, upset tums etc.. definitely I think I should record what happens during each break, but you know life is for living and not worrying about what may happen in the future.

looking forward to reading about proposed hols and break.

BTW, any more on the out of hours issues.



I did email Dara Murphy who is a new Minister and because his father was my gp for years . He the( Dad ) was head of the Irish Medical Organisation at one time so hoping because of this I am hoping he will take an interest. I did get an acknowledgement from his office saying he would be in touch. Here I


Sorry hadnt finished but the computer thought I had, just wanted to finish by saying my oncologist will be saying, there she is, off on a rant again. Sure it keeps me going.


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