A 4 years old point of view

I had to write this as ,I though it was funny and also tends to lead to "living in the now".

My 4 year old granddaughter was looking at my handbags the other day and she says,"nan,when you go to heaven,can I have your orange handbag,your wig in the box and your glittery ring on your finger? I said "of course you can,but won't you miss nana?" "No,she says,coz I like handbags,wigs and rings too much! Ha ha ha.i

It just shows how a child's mind lives in the here and now,I guess I could learn a lesson from her. just thought this would make you smile on a dreary,damp,windy day.xx

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  • Hi AnnieHI , there is nothing like the innocence of a child to brighten up your day . I have a niece and nephew who are brother and sister aged 6 and 8 and when they visit I have to show them my port where I get my magic medicine. If only kids could stay innocent for a few years longer. I am just picturing you granddaughter with your handbag on her arm, wig on her head and your ring on her finger all she needs now is the heels and she is all set. Kittie💍👜👧

  • Can't help,but smile, what a sweetie x

  • Children do brighten the day Choski thank god for that. 👭

  • Thank you all for replying .yes the innocence Kittie is amazing and like you,it would be great to keep them like that for a few yrs more.I hope your feeling better and have had more good days than bad.I had a pain in my back last night so took morphine,which had me up all night with reflux ha ha.

  • out of the mouths of babes! You just have to laugh!

  • My granddaughter who was five at he time was sitting In the back seat of my daughters car forgetting little ears I was talking to my daughter about what sort of things I could eat my granddaughter chirp in saying nanny you are taking a long time to die I just laughed

  • Ha ha,Bobbyo1,that really made me laugh.they are so innocent .

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