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Went to see Onc.,today.He was happy with my results, no increase in the last 12 weeks and some of the tumours have shrunk! I was elated coming out of his office,I get a copy of my scan results everything so I can digest things at home.As I was told today,it's all about managing the cancer now,and I'm content with that.

Guess what an incidental finding was though? I've calcified plaque in my aorta and a hernia,never knew either so,bang goes my sweet treats etc,I knew they weren't doing me any good anyway! I've to see the Onc again in Dec.All in all a good day,a


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  • Hi annieH1, delighted you got good news today ,it does make you feel so good to walk out of the hospital with a big smile on your face. I to am back in December for a review and the way I am looking at it is not much can go wrong over the next couple of months so roll on Christmas.

  • Great news Annie so you wont mind having the extras now. So you have to cut down on the ice cream etc not that today was a day for icecream. Will you have to on on statins or anything like that ? Statins also do help with OC or so I have read articles about it. So I hope you celebrated on the way home. It is good to get good news and I am really delighted for you.

  • Thanks girls.Im tucking into Bacon and cabbage soon! It's true Kittie we can look forward to Christmas and all the fun and activities and family comfort it brings.

    Suzuki no he didn't say anything about statins.I reckon he wants to get the o.c sorted first.I did again ask him about Turmeric.I said Imwas making Turmeric tea and was it o.k to have it during chemo,he said it will do no harm but not to take a lot of it as I would change colour ha ha,I also said I wasn't sure anymore what fruit and veg to eat due to antioxidant ,he said I can eat anything in small quantities but to avoid the green tea and wheatgrass so was delighted with that.He was in super form!

  • I am glad he recovered after a gruelling Monday with his favourite patient haha. He thinks tumeric is nice on a chicken breast though

  • Ha ha ,yes Suzuki he did mention the chicken again!

  • Hi Annie. Thrilled to hear you had a good review. X

  • Thanks Missfitz,hope your doing well.x

  • Really great news. Having no chocolate is manageable.

    Strange he mentioned to avoid green tea. I started to drink it and had the most awful heartburn despite taking omprazole for the past year.

    Have a good Christmas

    EnaC xxx

  • Good for you Annie . That was a good visit an seems you got your head around stuff ie diet etc . My motto is don't deprive yourself so enjoy Annie an so happy for you and family .

  • Thanks EnaC,Thanks Connie, have a wonderful weekend. Xx

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