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Hi there well gone scan results yesterday, all stable and marker staying down. I got the courage to ask if I would be staying on the Avastin as hadnt done that yet. Answer was yes, so had Gem and Avastin today, Gem next week if my white cells behave and then finished chemo. After that will have Avastin every 3 weeks. I have qualms but if if does the job, that is the most important thing. I can go back to work while on Avastin but will think long and hard. I work part time and only have 16 months to go for retirement. I do need an outlet to stop negative thoughts. Maybe cut down to 2 days a week is the answer. For now I am leaving this decision for a while. Have to recover from chemo anyway first/

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  • Well done Suzuki for having the courage to ask. I am very worried sometimes when I meet women who don't ever ask any questions. I know its their prerogative but I often wonder is it just politeness or nervousness rather than not wanting to know. Also great news on the scan results. x Trish

  • Well from talking to people and from this fab site had guessed the answer. But to hear it being said, is a shock to the system and the gynae liason nurse picked up on that and said I was frazzled. So this morning at chemo, they reinforced the positivity for me and said the boss was happy with me. I would say people are afraid to ask prob nervous. Have a lovely kind oncolgist who has worked wonders for me. When first diagnosed was very cross and part of me didnt want to see him I was so scared. But he is so kind and he works so so hard running between 3 hospitals. But he obviously loves his job.

  • Hi Suzuki, Great news on your scan results. I know what you mean about asking questions l only started asking questions last august and l now write down anything l want to know and then scale it back to what l think is important to me before l see the consultant it works for me. As for the work issue I made the big decision last week not to go back with the help of my GP as my work is manual and l work alone going shop to shop merchandising. It will mean taking a little longer to save for that special something. Great news on the Avastin to, hope your blood behaves itself for 1 more week.

  • Hi Kittie, well you have said it, I work 3 days a week and on a public counter. So while it is said that if I want to take 5 mins just to ask, mostly if busy can be left to work away. So have to take that into account. Sometimes it can be manic. It isnt manual as such but needs concentration and at the end of the day you balance you money and the younger staff want it done now and be out the door, so have to think of that. Then again ok 14 months when I could be taking time to myself. So a long and hard decision. On a lighter note, my dogs are ruined because they think every move I make should be to the treat tin. My husband is retired for past few years, so I think of work as a out for me. I do catch up with friends in between. For the moment will ponder on it and main thing is that Avastin does what it says on the tin for me

  • HI Suzuki, Fantastic news. Don't fret too much about staying on Avastin, (or some of the side effects), it is not too hard and if WORKS. I can understand the reluctance to ask questions, as verbalising the doubts and concerns is a bit of a downer, but Doctors and Staff do understand. Like you, I have so much faith in my oncologist and also the nurses I see every 3 weeks - if he leaves, I will have to follow him like a stalker!!!. Also, if you are in a position to retire or stop work - do so, the time fills up so quickly, you will wonder how did you work & socialise before. I don't even ask now about the future prognosis, as nature will decide that. Best Wishes and enjoy this lovely sunny pre-Spring day.

  • Hi Daisies thanks for that, I will also be following my wonderful doc as I feels he understands me and he is the best. Have been lucky to get a break since 2010 apart from radiotheraphy so cant complain. I know Avastin works and its great to have it. Also the nurses in the unit are great and really dedicated to their job. I am more relaxed about it today, delighted to finish with Gem next week. What matter if I have to buy up tissues for my little nose from Avastin as had sinus probs anyway. So its upwards and onwards for me.

  • Suzuki,

    Congratulations on a great scan results, you must be relieved. I am on Gem/Avastin too and they've told me that I will continue with Avastin every 3 weeks when the 6 cycles are over. I decided to retire in December as I had very little sick leave left It does give me more head space for my treatment. I think it's wise to take your time on the decision


  • Hi Cathanne, thanks for that. I also have very little sick leave left, my employers have been very good to me over the years I have to say. Will see how the Avastin is on its own having said that I havent been too bad since Double dose on Tues It could be the idea of finishing Gem next week pg, white cells willing. Will take my time I think, Best of luck with your treatment,

  • Hi Suzuki. So glad you has a positive result this week. Thank goodness that everything you are doing is giving you the results you need. I hope you celebrated and did something nice for yourself. It's such a massive relief to get this kind of good news - I didn't realise how tense I was before my scan this week but despite a rising CA125 my scan was clear thîs week. Let's be nice to ourselves this weekend!! I hope that your final Chemo goes ahead without a hitch. Take care. X

  • Hi MissFitz you have good news too so that is very encouraging for those of us on Avastin. the 125s can be tricky at times. You can get false positives and false negatives. Last year after my shoulder op my 125 came down a lot. My oncolgist suggested jokingly I get the other shoulder done to bring it totally down. It is hitting home to me now how lucky I have been, I told them at chemo other day that I get delayed reaction as the gynae nurse thought the news hadnt hit home the day before. But had scan Frid, clinic Monday and chemo Tues and was fed up of the place as you would be, Looking forward to dropping the Gemzar after next week and staying on the Avastin. Glad again all is good with you, have reflexology tomo and my grandson will be with us on Sat night but we will get to celebrate as I hope you will too, all the best,

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