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Well I thought I posted this last night but I cant see it so maybe I deleted it. Excuse me if I am posting again. Well had apt for result of last weeks scan yesterday. Was sitting in the little room and out comes consultant all happy. He said scan was good, back in three months and re scan in 6. This is the first positive news I had for past twelve months so was dumbstruck. Poor man thought I was ill, he asked me what was wrong why hadnt I expected this, and I replied well no symptoms but my imagination was in overdrive, when isnt it. So staying on Avastin every three weeks which is doable of course and I know I am lucky to have it. So there is always hope as he has said in the past himself. Just off to shower and get out on this nice day for a walk. That poor doc has had to put up with me for eight years now, but he is so good and kind.

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  • That is great news, so pleased for you. Enjoy your day and this lovely wheather we are having x x x x

  • Hi Suzuki, Wonderful news you must be overjoyed ,enjoy your walk on this beautiful autumn day and do something nice to celebrate. Kittie

  • Thank you, I was speechless as I am always the pessimist coming up to check ups now that this is over, I dont mind having the Avastin.

  • Hi Kittie just heard that the next Ovacare day is being held in Galway on 22nd November if that is nearer for you. Ovacare just notified me its just gone up on their website,

  • Hi Suzuki, I have just registered for the Patients Day in Galway, I am going down the evening before and staying overnight in the hotel. I will be on my own which is a 1st for me. I will not make the coffee morning in Cork as they are to close together.Kittie

  • Hi Kittie, that is the spirit, I have enjoyed all the informations days and coffee mornings I have attended. I have Avastin on the thurs before and probably wont be at my best that weekend, I will try and make the coffee morning in Cork depending on work. I work every second Sat and am hoping I will be off that day I must check it out.

  • Kittie. I would love to go to Galway - but I am hoping to have my treatment day on 13th Nov deferred a few days - going to a show in Dublin. Mind you, I think I will have to plead with the Oncol for a minor change. Going with sister & nieces and planning a weekend of it also. * birthday present given before diagnosis was given.

    But if the 'miracle' happens and the OC disappears - maybe I will be off everything. All those candles and prayers may work.

    Hope all well - and that you will enjoy the day - lots of new people to meet and chat to. Also - some of them might join this forum, so that we won't be alone.


  • Great news! Hope all goes well in the future!

  • thank you just got my walk in and called to the church to light some candles.

  • Billiant news! enjoy xx

  • Thrilled. Meeting and knowing ladies like yourself gives me and I'm sure many more so much hope. X

  • Well the boss said there is always hope at the Ova care day so I hold on to that at times. I hope you are doing okay

  • Great news, enjoy the relief and the 6 scan free months,


  • Thanks very much my poor arm after last Thurs is fairly bruised but it was worth it . Now to stay positive and afloat. Staying with the Avastin which I can cope with. Hoping you are doing okay

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