My New Friend,Mattcass

My New Friend,Mattcass

Hi All, Here is a photo of my new dog Indy she has just retired from the police dog unit, I got Indy on Monday but it's like we have had her for years she has so settled in Fran just loves her, Some of my blood tests came back positive re; my liver I will know more this morning will keep you all updated,

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  • Oh she is adorable and I bet well trained!!!! I am jealous now as I so want a dog! Hope the liver problems not too severe as you seemed much better on the drugs Matt. Sending you loads of love. Here with mum as she gets her eye done tomorrow in the Jubilee. Xx

  • Hi A, Gp called it's my kidneys that are showing up all I need to do is drink plenty of water.matt

  • She is just gorgeous Matt, i see your keeping two ladies on the go now then. Best of luck on the liver

  • Hi sylvi, They are ganging up on me in the house already. hope you are well,Matt

  • Just had my steroids upped as the ra in my hands are rough and i am on 30mgs a day for five days, and i am hoping that it will do the trick if not its back to the drs next week.Hope your doing okay my

  • What a gorgeous looking dog, I trust she was not an ex drug handler one otherwise she will be forever barking at you! Heh, heh! Tell me do they have to go through demob training before they are re-homed?

  • Oh she is gorgeous.

  • She's lovely x

  • So gorgeous Matt hope your liver is okay xxx

  • OOOhhhh she is beautiful, hope your liver is ok.

    Wendy x

  • HI mattcass, my cousin was a police dog handler and they do make lovely pets. They earn their happy retirement.

    So pleased your bloods problem has been resolved. Enjoy your lovely new pet. Take care x

  • OMG JEALOUS! I would love a dog but work full time so not fair on pooch. Hope you're doing good x

  • hope you and Indy have many happy years together.......a dog can bring so much love and happiness into your life. i have two rescued dogs and i know for a fact that i would not have made it through the worst of this disease if i hadn't had them to make me move no matter how painful it was.......

  • great dog hope you have lots of good times with your new doggy .Take

  • gorgeous dog ;-)

  • I work for police and ex working dogs are brilliant pets xx hope u feeling better abd if u forget where u hid your cocaine theyll find it

    Top tip if she was a cash dog run to her if she barks . If she Is explosives dog run like hell if she barks xxx

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