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Week 6 Rearsals, Loret and Anton du Methx

Sitting on the floor, against the wall of the rehearsal room,

Loret and Anton discuss plans for this week's final program

Sounds like anything goes, any dance you want to do, so what were our favorite dances?

They decide, "The Waitz" and "the DASO-doble". Can we do both? Costumes too different. Well, maybe... For the Waitz, the dress will have a long skirt, some kind of elegant trimming, red satin with black satin lining, and a tear-away front panel, to be ready for the DASO, then, underneath, she will wear black satin shorts, black fish net stockings, and the remainder of the dress of course :) will go into the next dance

Anton will wear a black tuxedo, with red satin cumberbun. During the beginning strains of the DASO, she will twirl around and release the front panel, which Anton will take and immediately use for his cape.

The music: "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher

and "If I Could Turn Back Time" also by Sonny and Cher

The Finals night has arrived, we're so scared, nervous, hungry (well yeah, every time I'm scared and nervous, I get hungry :) But we are doing this for fun, I never intended to get this far, just signed up to see if I could still write stuff! Well, here they go.....

They stand at opposite corners, in front of the Orchestra, and as the music starts, they drift toward each other, their arms entwine, they step lightly into the beat, gliding, swirling, approaching center stage, he sends her out to the end of his arm, brings her back, lifts her above his head, turns twice around and lightly sets her down to begin the routine dance steps again to the far side of the floor, then another out to the end of his reach, back into his arms and lifts her up above as she seems to float through the air, her red satin gown trailing behind, and down he brings her again...and the music changes to the beat of "If I Could Turn Back Time", as she unsnaps the front panel of her skirt, and he lifts it away above his head as he stomps and prances the first steps of the DASO-doble, swirling the red and black "cape" towards her and she dances and twirls and swirls the sides of her black-lined red satin skirts. She sinks to the floor as he embraces her, the conqueror has done it!

Imagine that she is the victim of RA and he, her saviour--the Biologic that has conquered the Beast!

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The picture is from my oldest son's wedding 2 years ago, those are two of my four sons. I'm a bit different now,, 35 lbs less!

That's Tim the groom and Dr. Doug, Best man

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To the music of "I Got You Babe" ( for some reason, this was left off the post above )

They say we're new and we won't know

How bad it will hurt until we go

Through the trials- if all that's true -

We'll have to wait it out, I know

But you've got me, and baby I got you!

They say it takes about 90 days

To know if the pains will go away

Or if the nausea is here to stay

I guess that's so, we don't have much to say

But you've got me and baby, I'm here to stay.

Babe, I got you babe

I got you to hold my hand

I got you to understand

When I hurt and I am sad

You're the one who makes me glad

RA will never get us down

If one drug won't work, we'll just go on

Another one just might be the one

No matter what, you'll hold my hand

Babe, I know you'll understand...

I got RA

Yeah, babe, I got RA

Farewell Anton

It's been great fun


Thanks Deb. They are nice guys, they are holding me up for that picture since I can't stand without holding on.


Fantastic Loret ! - and adieu to Anton:-(

A fab family photo too:-}

Cece x


Thanks :)


Lovely! :). I will miss your weekly strictly blog x


Thanks :)


Fabulous and a lovely picture to xxx


Such swing and verve as usual from over the pond. You have certainly brought that extra good ol' USA oomph to strictly.


Lorann, it's superb! I was singing along . I'm glad I am not a judge.


Thank you that was lovely reading. Love the poem and what a lovely photo...sad it's coming to an end as I've really enjoyed reading all of it since I joined the site. Maryx


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