We Have Lost a Dear Friend

We Have Lost a Dear Friend

Monday, Feb. 3, 2014

Dear friends,

This morning I learned, via a letter from a friend of "Ronnie's", aka Fiona, that Fiona passed away yesterday, peacefully, with her hubby, Mick, by her side.

In typical Fiona style, she refused oxygen, asked to have her hair freshened and some lipstick on. And off she went, to a far better place where she will know no pain.

For those of you who may not have known her, she was known here as "Ronnie" and had a brilliant mind, amazing sense of humour. Even after she knew she had a brain tumour, she found enough humour to name it her "Tuna".

Ronnie instigated the virtual dance contest, styled after the Strickly Come Dancing TV program. Each person who volunteered was assigned a dance to do, with an assigned partner, and we were to write a description of how we did it, what costumes we were, what music we used...it became phenominal. For 6 weeks, we challanged our brains to imaginative writing. Ronnie outdid herself with humour, as did several others.

If any of these posts are still on file somewhere, it would be marvelous to read them again.

Ronnie took the idea of virtual imaginative experience, after our first few "Porch Parties" really took off. The idea that a group of people, from several different countries, could imagine being together, having tea and coffee and scones, on a porch in the US, and be talking and laughing and teasing each other, as if we truly were all in one spot, developed into something very therapeutic. We felt great when we all had to go back "home". For a couple hours we forgot all about pain and sadness and handicaps, and were just a group of friends, on another friends' porch, enjoying being together.

We felt this idea should be promoted as a therapy for depression and just generalized sadness. So Ronnie developed the dance contest.

We are not likely to ever forget the characters we were, or the ones who were our partners!

God bless you, dear Fiona, our dear Ronnie.

Rest now in peace, dear lady.

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  • Oh dear...very sad...I only knew her briefly but her sense of humour was always at the forefront...God bless you Fiona.

  • Thank you for passing on the sad news. Fiona was an inspiration to us all. I shall miss her so much.

  • So very sad. Thank you for telling us, and my thoughts go to her family. Polly

  • So sad to hear this. I enjoyed the 'strictly' & porch parties. Thought for her family.

    I hope no one will mind me passing on sincere thoughts & love From Scouser ( Debbie) who I know wants to give her Thoughts of such a lovely lady like Fiona. xx Rie

  • Yes Scouser was very close to Fiona....thanks for doing this Rie xx

  • Thank you Lorann for passing on this sad news.....I will miss her terribly as she had helped me & others so much with her humour & support.

    Rest in peace Fiona.....we all loved you and will never forget you! xxxxx

  • Very sad..a very special lady who will be greatly missed...Nicola x

  • I am so very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with her family.


  • I am so sorry to hear of Fiona's passing. She was an inspirational lady with a huge capacity for compassion. Despite her illness she took the time to laugh and joke.

    She had a great deal of imagination bringing others together. Never isolating anyone from such a huge group of individuals.

    We are a cyber group of friends and as part of that group I would like to send my heart felt condolences to her husband and family and many friends.

    Her bright star will light up our sky tonight.

    Much love Carole aka Watson3

  • Thankyou Lorann for passing on this sad news in such a kind way. Touch by the gentleness of your post.

    Love Carole

  • Oh my how very very sad, god bless you Fiona a warm and funny lady, she touched my life and I am all the better for it xx Karin xxx

  • This is such sad news. Fiona's posts always made me smile, she was an amazing presence & support on this forum. Thinking of her family xx

  • Oh my word. My thoughts are with Fiona's family, such a huge shock, I just expected her to pull through with all her wit and fun. Thinking of her and all her friends and family xx

  • Oh no she was so lovely. Send her husband Mick my condolences and my love for the hard days to come. She was a lovely lady and had a good sense of humour. In her honour Lovely Loretta we should all meet on your porch for a cuppa and a cake in her honour,if we could do it on the day of her funeral that would be a fitting tribute to her. May she rest in peace.xxxxx

  • We will have a Memorial for her, probably the day after the funeral, so as not to take anything away from the family's day of mourning. More later. Thanks Sylvie, wonderful thought.

  • Your lovely porch will be as good a place as any to hold it. I wish i could fly over to your porch and have a cuppa with you.xxx

  • Yes, i have often thought how cool that would be, just us, reminiscing about so many good things we have known from the forum. I'm fine with the location here, if it's OK with the others who are planning it.

  • I am so saddened to hear that. She was a truly amazing friend on here and she will be sorely missed for her good humour and quick wit. Vale Fiona.

  • What a incredibly sad loss, may she rest in peace with the angels for dance partners!

    Lovely lady take care.


  • Oh how very sad, her cheerfulness was an inspiration she will be missed by many

    Jen x

  • Very sad news,thank you for letting us know, as Carole has already said,in a kind & gentle way. Thoughts are with her family. X

  • Very sad to hear the sad news thoughts are with her family x

  • 2 Very good friends we have lost in the last week Fiona ( Ronnie ) from here and KOTC ( Richard ) from the BLF forum page two people who were a inspiration to me when I was going through bad times, I will miss you both so much but will not forget you, Our condolences to Mick and the Family you are in our thoughts.Matt/Fran

  • This is tough, Matt. And then for you to loose another friend, I am so sorry for you also. It still doesn't seem real, this whole week, the thoughts are always there, and then come tears. Sometimes at rather inopportune times. Like during the EMG on Monday, within an hour of when I had read the news from Fiona's friend. I know, they say time heals... Take care, glad to know you are up and about!

  • Rest in peace Ronnie,my thoughts are with your family.god bless michelle xxx

  • Very sad news, she helped me many a time, Condolences to all her family.

    Rest in peace Ronnie, God Bless xx

  • So very sad to lose such a wonderful person from our lives. Sorry can't find the words I need to do this justice at the moment. All of the above and much much more. Go sweetly Ronnie xxx

  • Such sad, sad news. Thank you Lorann for this fitting post and tribute. Ronnie (Fiona) - you had style lady! You will remain an inspiration. xxxx

  • I did not have the privilege of knowing Ronnie or coming to her porch parties , before my time, but I am saddened by the news that she has passed away. my thoughts are with her family and all that knew her. no more suffering now. rest in peace Ronnie. xxx

  • Rest in peace....x

  • I was so sorry to hear this news. I didn't know Ronnie but I know she was a big part of the forum and will be sadly missed by all her friends here. All my sympathy is with her husband and family.


  • Omg sorry to hear this sad news, god bless u&ur family x

  • So sorry to hear such sad news.

    Mary x

  • God Bless Ronnie, enjoy your eternal life. x

  • How very sad, we will all miss her fun and humour on here, bringing this forum to life. Thinking of your family and friends and knowing you'll now be in a peaceful place. Rosie x

  • This is such sad news. I will miss her humor and support xx

  • Such sad news. My thoughts are with her family and friends. Angela.

  • r.i.p Fiona no more pain xxx

  • Rest in peace Ronnie,free from pain.

    God bless xx

  • sorry to hear this but she is now without pain and she can rest in peace . My heart goes out to the rest of the family XXX


  • RIP. My thoughts go out to her family.

  • I hope Fiona's family take some comfort from knowing how loved and respected she was on here. Rest in peace.

  • Such sad news, thoughts are with her family. X

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