something on feet information to share

hi everyone ive been having a terible time with blue toes and big toes like going septic at the ends and blue since my knee operation (which i might add was better before they whent in their)

and quite by chance i whent in to the chemist whilst up at the caravan cos it was driving me mad walking on them thought the ends where going to burst open.

well i bought some SAVLON to try

washed me feet beforehand and put on and in 3 days touch wood they have started to get a bit better.

i also put e45 on the hard bits on the bottom of the feet

just thought i would put this up on here for anyone else who has it .


regards john

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  • I will get some savlon john and i have e45 in the house and i put it on my feet too. Keep us informe what the savlon does for you

  • nice to hear from you john xx

  • well you saw the pics on my face book it just carmed them down on the big toes quite a bit im only 5 days in with this stuff and realy didnt think it would work at all as the ends where bloody sore and looked horrible it was frightening and you need your big toes for ballance more than anything cos thats where the information comes from in walking corectly

    hense the saying walking HEEL TOE HEEL TOE.

    i was doing heel any bloody thing that landed next cos they where so sore lol

    2 hrs and feet still feel warm now what going on here will this last all day or not watch this space.

    and dont forget to wash feet before you put it on and must have clean socks on if you do

    and wash in between toes.

  • John I assume you've been tested for gout? I ask because my dad had feet as you describe yours and he had severe gout. Good luck with your savlon concoction. Tilda x

  • aye tilda ive been checked for gout and it usaly starts just back from the big toe so the podiatry told me

    ya got to try everything realy tilda

    i see on here today your having a bit of trouble again with the walking been limping a bit

    sunday will be 12 months for me had it now dosnt time pas when your walking on coals lol

    get up in a morning no stifness then by 3 hrs sores start to appear

    but its better than sitting in a launderette.

    have a good one tilda hope weather up their is better than down here when i whent for a trot round the block

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a go. My feet have been a bit sore lately too. I think it's because I've been neglecting to moisturise them and I can't find a pumice stone for love nor money at the moment so the heels have split. I was going to smother them with sudocreme today to see if that helps.

    Take care


  • look after your feet and your feet will look after you they say lol

  • Hiya John! Sounds good for my weary feet. I went to look at caravans last week and got up the stairs, pushed and shoved by my mates only to fall straight back out again, big bum in the air!! Went to a and e, the doc was like, fell out of a caravan? Had u been drinking!! Wish I blooming had, but was only at a caravan show! So now I have a sprained ankle on top of it all xxxx

  • oh thats sods law allanha poor you

    you never told me what you had done to your back and how ya doing now

    but try it on the feet might work never know

    he who dares wins dek trotter

  • john good to here from you again. Sorry i'm bit late been working very pleased to here you have found some relief. Its amazing what simple things can make us feel more comfy. Take care xx

  • hi miss put a blog up today im not in good condition this morning after yesterdays push a bit wow i hurt today dont even want to go out to phisio

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