when you guys are right your right not much you dont know on here

took some pictures when i when to see knee specalist of me blue toes

he flipped then i told him about inflamation and what had been going on

he asked what my doctor was doing about this i said he didnt want me to be running round all over the show


and i now have an apointment to see a rumi guy for 31st july

so you guys where right about taking picture with you tell a lot more especialy when they have gone down a bit .

still doing me bit of swimming and me exersises cos i just wont give up

got up this morning thought i had been thumped by mike tison

and a little bit of the old blue to showing up and numb but not realy cold as it was before but still a bit scarey

the ultrasound on all me leg artierys showed good flow seems to be when i have done a bit to much pushing on it but their is definitly something not righ since they whent in their something has been disturbed i think or its all the gfrinding away they did

but he dosnt want to give me a half knee like the phisio said i would probably need just said you might have to live with this WELL I CANT ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT NOT RIGHT BY XMAS I WILL RIP IN MYSELF AND BOLT IT UP lol

going up to pitlockery this week on me own cos gaenors in vagas hope she bring some money back

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  • You might find out after all this time that it is ra causing all your problems john. At least someone is now listening to you. Have a nice time at your caravan.xxx

  • have a nice break.. think amongst other thing john you may have raynaurds ?

  • hope not summer only whent that bad when they whent into the old knee

  • Enjoy your time in your caravan, good luck for Gaynor. xx

  • Nice to hear from you John,I wondered where you'd got to. Hope they listen to you & you get some answers soon x

  • yep see you people in a weeks time

  • I had a problem with a numb toe for ages. It was the toe next to the little toe. That happened when I walked and rarely when my shoe was off. I had an x-ray of the top of my feet and it was discovered that I had really bad arthritis on the top of my foot. Which means that when my shoe is too tight at the top, it must press on a nerve affecting the toe.

    I did not know that you could get arthritis on top of foot!!!

    Anyway, may be your blue toe could be something like that???


  • Hiya John, have u been watching the TT on TV..? Thought that's why we haven't heard from you too much. Have a great trip and if you come into money from her Vegas trip, spend it!!!!!! Xxx

  • yep watched tt allanah

    just got back from schotland

    not been doing much exersise just a bit of walking

    need to get started again tomorrow 2 mile and a swim later but taking it easy

  • Just a thought John, sometimes surgery triggers RA .... maybe your knee operation has made it worse? x

  • yep think thats what happened made it worse in knee and ankle

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