well not been on for a bit now

i all not been on for a bit but after over 12 months had me rumi appointment

knees still giving problems and feet a bit

but i didnt want to go thought im wasting my bleeding time

i saw a woman doctor and she had seen the notes of the private doctor i whent to see asked me loads of questions about having this 3 times since 1991 and it going away but leaving some inpediments to full fitness

she examined me she said left leg weeker and ankle and the photos of the feet that have gone better

so whent back in after exam tought thats it cos i never said that hurts under examination just said it aches a bit

she said this is not right their is somthing going on this is what i want


BLOOD TESTS get all these done now

then i want emg nerve tests head mri , blood flow tests, ultrasound on body

well got the first to done they didnt half take some blood and had to have bottles at room temprature

2 days later all letters cam through for all me appointment in sept

absolutly world class outfit and she also sent a letter to my docs which didnt sound like she was impressed with them

so its a whatch this space see will only see me after all tests BUT if this should start to flair again im to ring up streight away and see her imediatly an appointment will be given.


no tablet given yet she wants to wait till after tests.

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  • thanks been a hard struggle to get some sort of fittness back never thought i would do it just hoped i would

  • Welcome back John. So pleased someone is finally listening to you lets hope you get some answers soon x

  • Hey, welcome back John. Nice to see you here again.


  • Good to hear from you John at long last someone islistening to you take carexx

  • Welcome back lovely to hear from you again.x

  • About time you posted on here darling!!! I am glad you are finally getting some answers and it has taken far too long to find out whats wrong with you. Anyway my friend enjoy your trip to the iom and don't do anything stupid over like break a leg.xxxx

  • Hello John welcome back. Tilda x

  • well its 6.00 am and im getting ready a bit aprehensive but its got to be done and its bleeding raining to go to liverpool hope this weather changes could have done with some dry weather.

    im just going to take this easy and have a good time my mates over their and his wife sent me a text last night cant wait to see you THATS REALY NICE OF GINNI lover her to bits

    see ya all in a week for an update of how thins whent

    regards john

  • welcome back x

  • hi all its early my time is on manx time from catching the boat early bleeding boat on sunday morning

    body was working in the morning but the brain was dead packing ready to come back and guess what I HAD A BLOOOOOOODY BRILLIANT WEEK it was fantastic being back on the bike and made anothe 100 freinds also all older die hard bikers of the classic bike error

    so i got 2 weeks at home then im of to scarbourer for the gold cup meeting and will be meeting one of my freinds from london who is also comming up to see me

    so all in all the body worked off a fasion and it got me round all week so it must have done me some good i go for the old mri on me brain box on friday anothe bleeding test of all these she has sent me for i have stopped doing eny exersise all togeter and things have got a bit more better i hope thing KEEP inproving

    but if their is one thing i have learned from this its NEVER PUT OFF WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY COS IF YOU DO IT TODAY AN ENJOY IT YOU CAN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW lol

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