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been to podiatry what a crew the dream team where their

well i made an appointment here about a month ago so i thought i will attend.

i was in their for about 2 hrs beeing checked out.

they tested me feet for a pulse didnt know you had 2 pulses in your feet

looked at everything on me feet

and came to a conclusion that me bad knee on the left leg the ankle on that leg maybe authritus or something cos its not the same shape as the other and the power in the ankle is not the same as on the better right ankle.

they found out i was about 7mm short on the better leg so i got some authos to try to support and go back in 4 weeks to see how whent on if it hurts they said take them out and come back.

they had me walking up and down with 2 of them at each end checking things and where realy interested and listend to my problems with this spondrothopy enthesis.

best 5 quid well spent as i found out even though i have cold feet i have a pulse where it should be hooked up to this machine they had.

they made me feel more at home than me doctor does and realy answered questions i put to them.

i would recomend this place to people even though you get some of them are being supervice by the trained professional and its cheaper than going to the one on the high street also the autos where of a better quality than ebay for 15 quid

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Fabulous MInka.

I too was very lucky with my team and the musculo-skeletal team who discovered a lot of my spine problems before my Rheumy or GP and I was so glad!!

HOpe they get you sorted and its lovely to hear there are some dream teams out there. Bet you feel like you are moving on a bit at last!!!!! so good news in a way!

Lots of love Axx


hi minka

i hope you didnt still have the queens head prints on your feet :)

sounds like a fiver well spent ..


only prob i see the knee specalist next wed what the hell am i going to do ask for some phisio on the knees and see if i can move this forward.

with this cold weather my knees and and ankles are sore today as i bet some of you are to its an awfull thing to get used to moving about like it does

andy regards the queens head they said i was in the right area aand it will put a spring in me step due to the pain. lol

its hard with the old insoles to get used to

all i feel like ive been in a bubble since april trying to sort meself out and talk to people on here for info and try to get some exersise in to keep everything going i would give anything for 2 normal days strung togeter


Hi. Glad it went so well for you

I'm a bit confused though. Did you not see the podiatrist through your gp? I was given a form to fill in and a phone number to book it

Are you saying yours was private?? If so it sounds to s better. Sorry if I've got it all wrong


whent private and it was cheaper with insole hights done 2hr for total of 50 quid

15 consultation fee could not get out of my doctor


So much better. Sorry using my phone


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