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Perfect present

I'm so happy

5 days before Xmas i think i've finally finished my Christmas shopping.I was really struggling to find something for my lovely Mum who has been ill with breast cancer but has recovered very well after some nasty treatment.I wonder if any of you older folks remember a drama in the 70's called "When the boat comes in"? Well it was my Mum's favourite and i've managed to track it down on DVD.I'm so pleased!

My last day at work tommorrow for 2 weeks- the heating wasn't working today so i hope they fix it soon . I was sat all day in my winter coat and fingerless gloves!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a Happy (and pain free) New Year

Love to you all

Julie x

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Yes I remember it Julie .. "who shall have the fishy on the little dishy, who shall have the fishy when the boat comes in"!? I can't remember much about it but just used to love the theme tune and it had wothisname in it too.. chap from the Likely Lads .. I'm terrible at names!? Well done for finding it on DVD and hope it delights your mum.

Hope things warm up at work if you've got some time left before the Xmas break.

Take care Tilda x


Rodney bewes i believe he is called. Yes i can remember that and the likely lads with James Bolam who is now in new tricks. Anyone who wants to get hold of all those old shows i think readers digest is the place to go. Can anyone remember far pavilons i loved that programme i read the book first and the show was nearest to the book that you can get. They missed the first quarter out in the tv series so you didn't know the relationship between the officer and the princess.

Sylvi. xx


5 days before xmas and I'm just about to take my cards to the post office and start my xmas shopping! All you organised people amaze me. Polly


Have a great Xmas xx


Pleased your mum is recovering well xx


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