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What the hell, only live once!

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So what I have RA it is in remission and I'm not getting any younger. So I'm not putting off life any longer. I've lost weight and saw a super dress in Monsoon last week, it is on my wish list no longer, but in the wardrobe. So a happy day, new short hair in the newly fashionable grey, lunch out the eyebrows and nails done, and now the feet are up as a bit fatigued but a really nice day. To morrow I'm going to bottle the Damson Gin I made earlier in the year for presents and I'm feeling that this Christmas will be the best for a few years. I hope all yours will be too, its been a rollercoaster of journey with the RA but now on the straight and long may it continue. LEF has changed my life and thank goodness for that.

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Good on you xx

Were a hardy lot and take what you can from life x

Enjoy the dress and the gin 😘

Wonderful positive news, enjoy and a great and Happy Christmas to you.

Wow super duper you. Go lady Go. Really enjoyed reading your post. Picked me up - even tho Im reading it at 5.30am. ( cant get bk to sleep). Well you are going to have a very Merry Christmas. Good luck and long may it last. X

That's wonderful so uplifting thanks for sharing

I love your positive attitude.

It's something we can all learn from! ☺

Fantastic, you sound so positive, good for you. May I ask what is LEF?


Leflodamide or Arava as its got on the bottle. Thats it sAmerican name.

Thanks for sharing... its good to read an uplifting post. Sloe Gin.... mmmmm! It's years since I've made that - may have to put that right next season.



So pleased for you. Sometimes it's just what we need. Life's not exactly spoiling us most of the time, so we have to do that ourselves now and then. Have a lovely time.

I could not agree with you more I have been pain free for 1 year just aching when I get up from bed or chair decided to do something about it I have lost 1 stone and hope to lose another which helps with the aching walk almost a mile everyday to keep fit and feel so much better waiting to buy new clothes when the other stone goes but best to live life to the full while you can x

Such a positive post! Thank you M x

Congratulations! That is wonderful news, and our fingers crossed for it to last the rest of your life!

Well done long may it continue and enjoy

Love your positive post. I've been on LEF for 6 months now and I too feel great and am in remission, but I'm worried about my hair as it is getting very thin, do you know if this will settle down and stop falling out? I don't want to change this drug as it is working really well.

I'm sorry but this has not happened to me, my hair fell out in handfull on MTX, but LEF has not affected it. I'd ask your consultant or RA nurse. Hope it does settle down though as for me my hair is so important. I did get mine cut short on the MTX to try to relieve the stress on it but it didn't work.

I am happy for you. Well done with the weight loss. Pampering yourself is good, i should take a leaf out of your book. Enjoy wearing your dress and remain on "a high", You sure have put a smile on my face. Take care and thank you xxxx

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