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hi guys

hope u all doing ok, everyone having a bad day sending u lots of hugs

just had 3rd Enbrel left it out for 30 mins today was ok didnt sting as much n dare i say it ?? i m feeling quite good so i asume its working yayyyyy

remember 2wks ago when i had a mega melt down at the hospital and then i had my injection in my elbow ? well thats feeling lots better now the bruise is going so all in all im having a good day ,

am now gonna attempt to walk over the shop on me own yayyyy

Ali xxx

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Hi Alibonura glad the Enbrel is working for you.like you i can't have mxt.Tell me why we have to have a melt down to get things moving. Is it just people with RA that doc seem not to be interested in ? Seems a lot of people on this site are miss treated sorry think i must have been having a small rant. take care xx


I'm so glad it's working for you it's my 3rd one on Monday in my tummy

nurse said not to do it before she comes xxx


hi miss, you rant away i love a good rant :)

i think a melt down is the only way we get taken serious xxx


Thank you for letting me rant. People with RA should be taken serious from the time you see doc for the first time, Then when you need to move on to biologic. We should be put on them straight away. Not have to meet certain criteria etc etc xx


great news. hope to get some myself soon?? x


Really good to hear your feeling better Ali :-) Long may it continue. Love Janet xxx


Hi Ali, I've come to your blog after writing my own about being given the go-ahead with Enbrel myself this morning. It's so reassuring knowing that you are on your third injection and beginning to feel better :-) My clinical nurse said that tummy area is OK, so I think I might start there with my fist one ! My husband has injected in his tummy with insulin for twenty odd years so I'm taking a leaf out of his book too.

It is so infuriating that people with RA have to go through so much before getting anywhere near the newer treatments. I've got quite a bit of permanent damage in my feet & ankles myself, so I'm really hoping it's going to be stopped in it's tracks.

Anyway I'm really glad you are getting some relief at last, and good luck with your lone walk to your local shop, if you haven't been already :-) June x


Hi June

my lone walk to the shops was ok, (with my feet i might add, they didnt protest to much :) yayyyy for hugg boots............

im really feeling loads better, i hope the Enbrel works for you as good as its working for me. we must compare :)

Ali xxx


Ali, I am reading with great interest as I shall hopefully be joining you and Karen and Petal and the other Enbrel users soon. When I asked my Rheumy nurse at our meeting to discuss everything three weeks ago about doing the injection in the tummy she said no, it had to be the thighs? I guess it is what the nurse who does it/supervises me tells me when she comes? I am so glad it seems to be working quickly for you. I only hope it can do the same for me. I am flaring now quite badly, but need to get a root canal done before I can start the Enbrel as I will have to take antibiotics for the tooth.

Julie x

Anyhow well done and thanks for sharing.


Hi Julie

hope it works for you, i was on Humira last september and it also work almost straight away and i felt like me again but i had a very bad flare all over christmas n had to speak to my rumy nurse, took me off it n now im on the Enbrel so fingers crossed

good luck Ali xxx


so pleased its working .. :) :) :) x


Ali, I hope Enbrel is soon doing it's work for you! Sorry you had to come off something which seemed to be working well but let's hope you are soon feeling benefits and having many good days.

I speak to my nurse on Monday day to tell her I have decided Enbrel.

Julie xx


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