Moaning post. Avoid lol !

Moaning post. Avoid lol !

Ok not been on too much

Diabetes now so high have to go on insulin

Have HUGE abscesses under tongue and on boob! Started antibiotics

Sjogrens bad so very dry like a prune

Having to see specialist OT for new splints as lumps making old ones unusable

Seeing oncology radiologist for radiotherapy to both hands to try to shrink lumps

Mum in law in hospital .. Again

Got thrush yuk!! Started antifungals

Note to self .. Get bigger medicine cupboard ...

Apart from that had a lovely time in caravan in the lakes, went the day of my infusion of abatacept! And didn't fall out this time !!! Steroid infusion June 12 th hurrah !

Hope you are all well and good and will join in soon when feeling better. :) xx

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  • Blimey allanah your not having a good time at moment, hope you get some of these issues sorted soon. Hope the steroid infusion helps xx

  • Me too although I know it will put my sugars up even more!! X

  • You poor thing, Allanah. You sound very run down, I don't know what to suggest. I understand what you mean about the bigger medicine cupboard, though! I'm considering that too. I just hope that you start to feel better soon. Clemmie

  • Glad I don't love in America tho!

  • Hahaha! I really do know exactly what you mean. I seem to be propping up the Saudi private healthcare system on my own at the moment, I'm spending so much time at the hospital and with my medication. Thank goodness my husband's company has paid for good healthcare insurance!

  • Yes thank goodness. Hope you are having good weather there lol. Not so nice here today x

  • It's quite dusty here today but sooooo hot! I would love to be out but I am so scared of getting burnt even with a high factor sunscreen, so I tend to go out about 5ish when it's still hot but the sun isn't quite so strong. Hopefully you will get some nice weather soon. I'm coming back to the UK at the beginning of July for 2 months , so hoping that it will be nice then. You see, I'm greedy for nice weather after being here!

  • Bet you look forward to rain!!

  • It's always so lovely to see how green it is back home. You really don't appreciate it when you are there all the time (at least I didn't until now)! But yes, it's great to feel the rain as long as it's not too cold!!! Clemmie

  • Just don't be here when Glastonbury is on at end of June then lol

  • Ha, we used to live in Yeovil so we know it well! My sons went to school at Downside and it was always an expat weekend that weekend and we always ended up stuck in the traffic!

  • I know THAT feeling!

  • You really have so much on your plate!!! It sounds like you are now Boots pharmacy, I know where to come for my meds. Poor Allanah things can't get any worse for you.

    Eating garlic will help the thrush, abscesses and probably knock your mom in law out when you next see her. perhaps garlic tablets would be better. eating yoghurt with acidophilus may help too. Thinking of you x

  • Ha ha love the garlic idea!! " garlic ? On bread...."?

  • Oh my days allanah. I had noted your significant absence recently except for the odd reply but figured you'd gorn orf somewhere but it appears you're just going orf! How about turning yourself inside out, pop yourself in an autoclave & climbing back in again lol!! Seriously, you've got yourself run down so take time out if at all possible & take care. Don't rush back too soon otherwise you won't be fit for the summer & all your plans.

    Where is the pic taken, looks lovely & serene but did you need to stand on your heid to take it?! :)

  • Sorry to hear you're having such a bad time! Do hope things improve soon. M x

  • Me too M but I figure now my loading doses are done I have the Orencia monthly . So must have fewer side effects than fortnightly.. Well that's what I'm telling myself x

  • Oh gosh! Wish I knew how to sort out the photos on here!! It's Coniston water in the lakes. We were in the van with three other families camping. There was only cold water so we sat with lanterns etc and BBQ fires! Very hippy !

  • Sounds just the ticket. Love the lakes & it's only 45 mins up the M6 from us. I remember going back to '83, my mum died that Easter so my H (fiance at the time) gathered our closest friends last minute & we all went camping to Hawkshead. Some brave ones swam in Windermere, I paddled but not for long, it's never warm but at Easter it's chilly to say the least brrrrrr!! I also remember going to the Hole in t'Wall in Bowness & one of our friends wanted vinegar for his chips & being told "you'll not get that 'ere, it taints th'ale!!!

  • Sounds amazing

  • Allanah that's really rubbish you poor thing - I bet you keep smiling though you seem such a positive person , really gets you down some days though eh ..thinking of you love Claire x

  • Ye but hoping the Orencia works, the sugars will come down and the infections are being treated. I'm lucky really x

  • Um - lucky in relation to what or whom??! I think you're just very brave with an incurable passion for life! Good luck with the radiation on the lumps. Twitchy X

  • Mm you gota point maybe!! Be pooing myself myself when it comes to radiotherapy time !!!

  • Great picture Allanah, I had to almost stand on my head to see it properly, but I got my back stretched now, thanks.

    Sorry to hear about all of your issues, hope you feel better soon.


  • RA yoga !

  • All of this sounds horrendous Allanah. Hope you start to feel better soon. Take care xx

  • Thanks, antibiotics and me don't agree so watch this space x

  • Hope you feel better soon. Just come back from a week in Cornwall and just chilled but first day back at work Monday, omg soundo in the armchair early evening until 3am and woke up with pain so wrapped up with splints and bandages and compression gloves today at work. Off my drugs for a month because of bacterial infection, no mtx and waiting to start Humira roll on 10th June last day of antibiotics, but this shrinks into insignificance compared to you so hope you do start feeling better very soon. Aren't caravan hols fab I love them x

  • Not at all re the pain, RA pain is awful x yes I love the caravan , hubby does everything ! BBQ, setting it up and shoving me up the steps ha ha but it's do relaxing x

  • As normal late as usual! Feel for you A truly are going through the mill. Wishing you better x

  • Well you do live on a different time to the uk lol so I'll let you off this time ha ha. Abscesses less sore today thankfully , just very tired now x

  • Blimey girl if your going to have anything to happen your doing in good old fashion aren't you. I am sending you a big old hug from me darling.xxxxx

  • Hugs back x

  • Can't believe what you're going through A. Hope you find some relief soon


    Carolyn x

  • Thanks but I'm sure it will be alright on the night. I'm supposed to be going for a pamper weekend for my friends 50 th at a beautiful old hall ! So Antibiotics do your stuff!!

  • Old dog new tricks I know but try & have some really relaxing treatments with some gorgeous calming smellies. I do hope you feel well enough to go, it'll do you the world of good & help de-stress you with all your probs at the mo. X

  • Yes, getting hot mud ( supposed to help joints hee hee, u think it's evidence based ?!) and gentle massage ahh, dinner out first night and takeaway second night !

  • Sounds wonderful. Have a great time.

  • Thanks x

  • I am so sorry. I'll have a large G & T for you. You must be so cheesed off. Lets hope all the meds kick in quickly for you.


  • Oh yeah , drat just realised I can't have any at my pamper day on all these drugs yikes!!

  • Oh sweetheart I don't really know what to say to all of that. I truly thought you'd had your quota of sh** to deal with. Stay strong. I've always triy to think fate chucks this stuff at us for a reason sometimes I think I'm just deluded. Hope it all starts settling down soon xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Me too , actually think the antibiotics are helping the abscesses quite quickly thankfully x

  • Just to be clear folks As I worried someone . The oncology radiologist is a specialist in shrinking lumps, I have a specific variant of RA which includes growing lots of fibromas. These are painful and in lots of very awkward places on my joints hands , feet and back but are not malignant. Apparently I can't have surgery as the lumps would grow again and the scars would thicken but this cancer specialist is expert at shrinking the fibromas and there's not many units in uk that do it. Sorry if I worried anyone unduly xx

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