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3rd COVID vaccine and flu jab - ✔️

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Had both of these yesterday.

The vaccinator explained that this is a 3rd dose and I will be offered a booster in about 8 weeks!

My arm is very tender, actually both are, but the COVID arm worse by far. I’m feeling quite tired and a bit nauseous but otherwise ok.

My poor body - I had my usual tocilizumab on Wednesday and I’m taking my antihistamines. My system must be a bit overloaded and maybe confused. 😂

Came out of the vaccination centre to find an email from my golf club saying they’d had to close due to staff members testing positive. Since I’d been in the clubhouse the day before I went for a PCR test. What a day!

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Well at least you’ve had your 3rd vac , there is still so much Covid about , looks like we are all going to have to live with this for a long time to come.

Awww hope you feel better soon I have my 3rd vaccine 💉 Sunday morning had my flu 😷 jab a week last wesd I’m due to have my golimumab internet Monday

I'm glad you've had your vaccinations and hope your PCR is negative. 🤞

PCR is negative - was just precaution as I was very careful

That's good news.

Had my jabs and been in bed 3 days !!! Picking up today but I'm also off my tcz etc for my knee replacement so feeling generally horrid!

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Brushwork in reply to allanah

Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the op.

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allanah in reply to Brushwork

Got steroids from rheumy, every jab so far made me flarecBUT still better than covid!

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NicolaP in reply to allanah

I came off Humira for TKR in October last year but within a week was flaring badly so Rheumatologist agreed I could go back on it and surgeon was OK about this. Didn't have any issues thankfully. I'm now due 2nd TKR at end of the month and I said to the surgeon when I saw him last month I wasn't stopping Humira this time in light of what happened and he was OK about this. Haven't had pre-op yet (this Thursdayday) so may have interesting conversation with the Registrar but in the end if I'm I stop the injection it will potentially affect my ability to get in for the op and the recovery so it's better for me to stay on. That said early last year when I was first scheduled (and the cancelled due to Covid) the surgeon did say he didn't think it was necessary but should due to official guidance. We'll see what happens this time.

Good luck for the op and hope you feel better soon. I had flu jab yesterday and a bit of a dead arm but still not heard about 3rd Covid jab but now it'll have to wait anyway.

Seems an unpleasant bunch of side effects. Have you thought about reporting this as an adverse reaction using the Yellow Card scheme?

Ive had my third vaccination this morning. I did have a flu vaccination booked for tomorrow morning but I cancelled it. I might be wrong but I think it's best to have a gap between having them, just think if they rely on my immune response to produce antibodies it's best to have one at a time with a gap of at least a week in between.

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Brushwork in reply to Paula-C

Was offered the flu jab at the same time and just went with it….

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allanah in reply to Brushwork

Me too, donevand dusted. We give babies 3 jabs at a time, our body can cope with billions of bacteria and viruses so I don't think it's a problem

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Egpa in reply to Paula-C

Me tooooo I left a week between, tooooo much overload to your body.

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Paula-C in reply to Egpa

That's what I think. We know we won't have the same response to the covid vaccine with us being immune suppressed, so I'm giving my immune system the best chance to work on the covid vaccine, then I'll have to flu one in a few weeks.

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thelmar in reply to Paula-C

My daughter is a volunteer vaccinator and they have been told there should be 5 days between flu and covid jabs so looks as though you made the right decision.

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Paula-C in reply to thelmar

Thank you for posting that, It's probably longer then for people with a compromised immune system, to me it just makes sense to have a gap between them.

Hope you don’t mind me asking but are you taking anything other than Tocilizumab, I am only on Tocilizumab and was told that I should be offered a booster when it’s due no 3rd vaccination. I know it’s listed on verses arthritis by name for 3rd jab

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allanah in reply to Ozzy

I got early booster for tcz steroids plus leflunamide if that helps

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Ozzy in reply to allanah

Thanks I’m just on Tocilizumab. Getting a bit panicked as my son who’s a teacher is very poorly with COVID and I work with his wife who at the moment is showing no sign of it. Both have been vaccinated

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Brushwork in reply to Ozzy

Just Tocilizumab for me,

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Ozzy in reply to Brushwork

Thanks for letting me know

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allanah in reply to Ozzy

I think everyone if you go out of your room will be exposed to this virus as it's endemic now. Vaccine, hand gel and masks all help. I really feel fir the teachers though as their kids aren't vaccinated so pick covid up more easily. I'm glad the campaign now includes over 12 s.

I send lots of love to you and your family and hope your son recovers very quickly. My son was poorly too but thankfully he fought it off after about 5/6 days .

Was sent a text to book appointment for my third primary. However I was turned away as I only take 15mg of MTX a week and the cut off point is 20mg. The doctors were very apologetic and thought that I should have the jab but eventually decided that they had to keep to the SAGE guidelines. I will now get the six month booster only, so same as non immunosuppressed people. A lot of confusion around.Skezza

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MorganCat in reply to Skezza

I was told this week I’m only getting the booster because I wasn’t on mtx when I had my vaccines . I started 2 weeks later .

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Cavlover in reply to Skezza

Do you mind me asking who sent you the text please?

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Skezza in reply to Cavlover

Hi Cavlover, my doctor’s surgery sent the text to say that I was entitled to a third vaccine yesterday so I booked on Swiftqueue for same day. I received a text confirming the third dose, and also a fourth dose in April next year. At the vaccination centre I was asked what medication I was taking. After about an hour it was decided that they would keep to the guidance and sent me home. Two hours later I received another text from my surgery saying that the link to book my third vaccination was temporarily closed and that I would be sent a new link once the problem had been rectified. It is a total shambles. I must say the staff and doctors at the vaccination centre were excellent and tried everything they could to contact the powers that be to get some advice, one doctor even said that I should get the jab but had to go along with the majority decision. Sezza

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Cavlover in reply to Skezza

Hi Skezza, that is so frustrating. I am on 20mg mtx so will not be eligible either ahd have heard nothing but I do wonder whether they should be looking at other factors as the JCVI also suggests that those with low lymphocytes should also be included. I would fit that criterion easily. The whole thing is crazy and a bit worrying.

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Skezza in reply to Cavlover

You may qualify, depends on your local centre. Good luck 🤞 Skezza

Take care, it will all come out in the wash!!!

I had my third dose on Thursday. My arm is sore but that’s my only symptom so far. I asked the dr who did it about being called for the booster but she said the JVCI hadn’t decided on the timing of a booster for people who’d had the third vaccine. Mind you I don’t have a lot of faith in them because when I asked about the third vaccine two weeks ago they didn’t think there was any such thing?

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Brushwork in reply to helenlw7

To be honest, I am just sitting back watching and waiting. In Scotland, you just get a letter telling you what you're being offered and when, with an option to cancel or re-arrange. Trying to discuss anything with anyone other than the Rheumy team is virtually impossible - so.... watching.... waiting....

Easy to say when I have already had 3rd dose though.

Go gently

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