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3rd dose

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Had an appointment 2 weeks ago, went to said appointment, where is your letter, I do not have a letter, then you cannot have the 3rd dose. But I am immunosuppressed, no letter, no jab.....after argument lasting 5 minutes I stomp out.

Today I try again, letter in hand, it's a 3rd dose I need not a booster...ok are you immunosuppressed, yes I am, ok take a seat. Do you want to see my letter? ....no we don't need to see it thank you... You can't make it up :)

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Was your first of the two recent visits as a result of a text you received from the NHS inviting you as a vulnerable/immunosuppressed patient for the third primary dose? The text should be all you need instead of a rheumy letter of proof of you being immunosuppressed. The vaccinators do require at least to see the confirmation text you receive though that you are eligible for the third primary dose.

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Bootoo in reply to Neonkittie17

I didn't get a text 🤷‍♀️ think they forgot me, anyway it's done now, it was the attitude of the doc that made me have a paddy at her 😂

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Bootoo

That is bad you didn’t get a text. Glad it’s done anyhow.

Thank God, I haven't had any issues, telling me that I need a letter, I have had everything done through my G.P's Surgery. The booster was booked on the internet.

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Bootoo in reply to embroy

My GP didn't want to know 🤷‍♀️ thankfully I have a brilliant rheumy team 👍

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Knip in reply to Bootoo

My son, now 55, went into the chemist to collect his repeat meds and the pharmacist did his booster for him there and then! How's that for service! Our GP was on the BBC local news earlier this week saying that Covid is rife here and that they are treating people at home to help ease the pressure on the local hospital. They interviewed a local resident who had caught it who said that he went out and about without a mask, because everyone else was, and he thought it was pretty much over! This wasn't a youngster, it was a retired chap who, methinks, should have known better given the grim news updates. I'm still 'shielding' for the most part and being extremely careful when I do have to go out, as is my other half. Take care.

FGS! How annoying. Glad you've been done now. 🙂

I'm not sure where you live, but in Scotland you don't need your letter.How annoying for you....grrr

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Bootoo in reply to Mmrr

Up north in Lancashire 👍 it was the principal of the whole thing that annoyed me, why on earth would someone lie about being immunosuppressed, I think the woman had just been having a bad day 🙄

I just got a text and am going in 2 weeks and I live in England

You can't make it up can you. xxxxx

If it wasn't tragic, it would be hilarious. Glad you got it at last. x

I was lucky as all jabs have been carried out through my GP. Glad you've finally had your 3rd jab.

I would have been so annoyed if that had happened to me as I had to travel 30 minutes in car to get mine. I got mine in October but hubby has to go tonight in a primary school in the next town, it’s so bizarre the places we are being sent to. Our doctors are not doing the 3rd or booster vaccines so we are being sent everywhere.

I bet your frustration knew no bounds! You obviously had a 'jobsworthy' the first time round. 😠 Glad it's been done now! ❤️

Hi Bootoo I know I should not have but I laughed at your post not a you but the incompetence of some people as if it's not distressing enough getting to the site for any vacs it's incomprehensive the simple mistakes made . This must have been so stressful for you glad you got it sorted 😗

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Bootoo in reply to ProudYorky

Ah I have a good sense of humour, it's happen a good job 😂

I also had a little laugh. Sorry but if didn’t laugh you would cry as the saying goes. Glad you got sorted in the end x


I went to a walk in centre queued for over 2 hours and made my case. Letter from GP but wrong, nras info, NHS letter on who should have 3 rd primary and my drug packaging. Got it but now have swollen knees from standing so long.

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Ozzy

I’m not laughing at all as I wouldn’t be able to stand for half an hour. 😑

Maybe this question has been answered in the past, but is there a difference between 3rd dose and booster? I don’t think there is in the U.S.

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