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In agony


Happy Christmas all, I have not written for a long while. I am at present struggling with pain everywhere, all my joints ache and hurt so much even my legs are hurting. I am having lots more painkillers. I use to just take for pain 60g of codeine but now am on 60g 4 times a day! The pains in my shoulders are unbelievable painful. The last time this hurt this bad was 2014. My lympth notes hurt in my neck, under my armpits. I also think am getting cold, flu? Am having earache and headache.

It's been a nightmare going to work this week with the pain. I have noticed this week I am really struggling with carrying things as my neck and shoulders are hurting. Also am having pain with my wrists in both arms.

Thanks for listening to me ranting

Am hoping you are all feeling good.

Carol X

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Hi Carol, just seen this.

This sounds awful. Sounds like an aggressive flare! How long has it been going on? Is the Codein helping at all? I feel for you, I really do! I have experienced the same as you describe. It's almost like an electric shock through the whole body. It must be extremely difficult trying to carry out normal daily activities, especially work at this time. It genuinely is best to rest during a flare and allow the inflammation to settle. Easier said than done for many folks but it sometimes presents itself this way and won't stop until it's done. It makes me think of an erupting volcano! Ice packs, rest, painkillers. If you are getting the cold/flu on top then your bound to be feeling totally drained. I would call in and explain to your employer's how you are feeling and rest up as much as possible. It's the only way to help yourself during this time. Sending hugs your way. Suzie 💕 X

Not a nice christmas for you, so sorry.

If your lymph nodes are hurting then you may well have an infection, so book an appointment with your GP. That could be triggering the flare.

I can't like your post as your in so much pain darling. I think you should get to the drs

I feel for you. All this pain is horrible. You need to get some relief very quickly. See a doctor please. Good luck.

Sounds a bit like tenosynovitus, which I get.. Yes please see your doctor and I hope that rest eases your joints this morning, we all care about you ,

I am sorry to hear of the pain you are in and I can't do anything to help except to say that I am just the same. Pain everywhere and I just don't know what to do about it. Added to that I just want to sleep all the time. As soon as I sit down I am asleep, even on Christmas day I slept most of the day away. Every part of me feels like agony and my joints etc all crunch and click when I move. I am having some MRI scans done on 17th, so don't feel I can ring the rheumatology nurses as if they up my prednisolone or give me another injection it might mask problems on the MRI. I have cried with the pain over Christmas and feel that I am being such a burden to my husband and son. I can't even get dressed without help now. Sorry to rant on when you are in so much pain, but I just wanted to say that I hope you can get some help and relief from it all soon as I know just how bad it is.

My thoughts are with you , I've been burning up for several days now, it's horrible.

Wishing you a swift recovery.. we have all been there and understand. I was in tears with pain 3 weeks ago, crawling to get to the loo, it was dire. I had to go back on Prednisone - so call your Dr or Rheumatology and let them know your struggle. Codeine didn't work for me personally. Also, resting your body as mentioned does wonders. Remember this is just a moment, you will feel better sooner than you think. All the best, Hessie

Hi Carol. My thoughts are with you. Sorry you are suffering so much. Just now that we care abou tyou on this site.

Years ago when my pain levels were much higher.... especially after shopping... in desperation i would ring the " Crisis Line" and just tell them about my pain..... just having a kind voice at the other end of the phone .... it must have relaxed my muscles ... to talk and cry.... becasue i always felt better. Its silly.... but i couldnt ring friends..... i didnt want to burden them. And its so good to just write down your feelings on this site.

And i agree with Hessie..... rest.... lie completely flat with only one pillow .... prone..... prop your legs on pillows if need be .... cry if you can..... and wait for the pain to ease. A Rheumy nurse told me that 25 yrs ago.... lie prone.

I hope this helps and that by the time you see this you are feeling better.

Kind regards


So sorry to hear you are struggling. I think only the people who have this condition really know how dreadful it feels when you are full of pain and weakness. A thought, I have been worse than usual, flaring up during the last few days - I wondered if richer than usual Christmas fare might be partly responsible. I don’t mean serious overindulgence, just the extras and luxuries and probably more than we eat or drink usually. It has certainly been my experience having had RA for 30 years, that foods often cause flares. Not to make light of your pain, just to hope that it might begin to ease. x

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