hello every one

sorry not been on for some time, but i have had a few ruff weeks, had my flu jab, and my pneumonia jab, and a few days later i came down with a cold, and my good god was it a cold, went onto my chest had 2 lots of antibiotics then came down with yet another water infection, had to stop taking my mtx for over 2 weeks now, these last few days i have been feeling a bit more myself, i have only just come off antibiotics for the water infection, so next week i can go back onto my mtx, my hands aren't too bad a bit puffy but nothing too bad (at the moment). but i have noticed my shoulders are a bit sore, weather it is my mind or my mtx was working i will find out when i go back on it, hope every one is doing ok with the cold weather and not having too many pains xxx

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  • Hi there sorry to hear you have been rough. I am having both of those injections this Monday. I have just taken my 2nd dose of metheraxate today don't know if that is correct spelling. I just feel so very tired and feel so sick. My right hand is numb and then pins and needles. I have just returned to work and OMG so tired. My manager said to me I have to make some serious decisions about my job. Will I be able to manage my job. I said as far as I am concerned once I get all my medication up and working and that my doctor said the same. I will be able to carry on until I retire. I am only 53 at the moment. I thought she is trying to get rid of me. I have been there at my job 6years and only had 3days off sick until I got RA and since then I had 3months off work last year with fluid on my shoulders. And also 4weeks in total this year. Am sorry for going on just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for being there. X x

  • what is your job flower, it took over 12 weeks for my meds to kick in, I work in a school kitchen and i am finding it hard at the moment with me not being on my meds,

  • I am a breakfast chef, so like you in a kitchen. I am also on steroids and folic acid and codeine and paracetamol also methotrexate. thanks for listening. x

  • Don't give in Carolsos; the methotrexate reactions calm down after a bit. Things can only improve now that you are on medication. With all the hassle of the illness, the last thing you want is your manager coming on tough. I wish you well. lfu2

  • I'm on Methotrexate 20ml injections, 20mg Leflunomide tablets and 15mg Prednisolone. I recently had a sinus infection and took Doxycyline 500 for one week. Never stopped any of my other drugs while on it.

  • i stopped it myself then rang nurse and she said i had done the right thing, and not to take it till next Thursday,

  • Aw bless, hope you feel better soon xx

  • I hope you get over all your problems soon Gwen & back on your MTX soon. I found I was ok for about 3-4 weeks before I started missing it & my other meds. x

  • it will be 3 weeks on Thursday since i took it last, bit puffy, but not too bad, just fed up of this cold bug thing i have, Glenn has it now and he hates being ill, he wont even give me a proper kiss at the moment :(

  • Aw, that's not fair! Doesn't he like sharing lol?! Well hopefully now you're past the contagious stage you're getting towards the end of it & you'll get back on MTX soon so that should with luck be before you start to notice the effects of not taking it. Try to avoid anyone sneezing in the meantime, though that will be difficult now you've passed it on to Glenn! Horrible time of year for getting all sorts but Christmas will hopefully see it gone. x

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