I'm feeling really proud of myself :)))))

Hiya well it's the 3rd day without smoking, and i just thought i would give you all a update,

as i am feeling really proud of myself,.... :) I know it is only early days but i am already feeling a lot better, my sence of smell is coming back, My hubby is having a few vodka's to nite with the odd fag, and even thou he is being really good by smoking out side, i can smell his breath and it is not very nice, looks like i will have to buy extra tooth paste and month wash ;)))))

I am having a bit of a flare up on my knee's and wrist after the walk i had to do yesterday when our car got stuck, but apart from that i am feeling really good, Thank you all for the great advice you have gave me, will keep you updated...

Lots of love Shirley XX

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  • Shirley well done you on your third day as a non-smoker,keep going and before you know where you are it will be a year.

    Just something help you on the way, at the end of feb. i will have been teetoal for 11yrs,so if i can do it i know you can.

    Love sylvia.xxx

  • Well done you are doing brilliantly shirl:)))) keep up the good work xxx

  • Thank you syliva, Hope you feel better soon XX

  • well done keep it up xx

  • Well done Shirley keep up the work at being an ex smoker. Am still doing well with it and you do feel better


  • Well done done I know it's hard I stop last march but you will feel a lot better love Karen x

  • Hi shirl, well done,keep it up. I gave up several years ago although I still get the odd urge to have a smoke,the thought of standing outside in the freezing cold & the smell I think would put most people off but as you rightly said you don't smell it when your a smoker. So what are you planning to buy with all the money your be saving :-) x

  • Well done and keep up the good work as everyone is saying. Start calling yourself a non smoker now instead of an ex-smoker, this will help in the head department. Yes, taste and smell does come back and I agree at first I was constantly cleaning my teeth, every hour as I thought what do I smell like! I also cleaned the house from top to bottom to get the smell out of the place. Perhaps overboard but then that's me. Keep blogging your news. take care. xx

  • I so agree with the brushing of my teeth, I keep getting this horrible taste in my mouth :(

    Thanks Georje XX

  • We have planned to go on a cruse next year, and also have a week away this year, I so need it more than i need a fag... So that is one of the things that is helping me to stop, Thanks for the encouragement, I knew i would get so much advice on here, just as i do with my RA..

    Thank you Xx

  • What a woman! How good is it, by now your carbon monoxide is getting out of your system and you are already feeling better, great news. And we are proud of you too love Axx

  • Well done, keep it up. Don't be concerned if you get a cough, it's your bodies way of cleaning out your lungs. Keep thinking of that cruise! Wendy xx

  • Hiya, i have already started sneezing so i guess that is a good sign to, Thanks xx

  • Well done shirl. As an ex-smoker myself I know how hard it is.I packed up when I got RA. Believe me the cruise will be worth it. We have been on 4 and love it.

  • Well done Shirl. Hopefully the thought of that lovely cruise will keep you going.


  • Well done, keep it up. I's amazing how much you can save and then give yourself a treat now and again, appart from the health benefits. I was taken into hospital , in 2009, and was there for 6mths, so I couldn't smoke, too ill and could only smoke outside. I haven't smoked since. Good lick and keep up the good work, take care Ann x


    wish i was as good at giving up im still trying the electric ones now and again to cut down

    and i know how you must feel when ya knees are aching and the first thing ya think of is i will have a fag

    but ges what IT DOSNT MAKE IT ANY BETTER

  • Your so right, This is not going to go away over night, if i can stay of the drink since i have been diagnosed, i'm sure i can do this, Xx

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