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hi all just got a little confused recived a letter about pip the changes etc well thought my form was coming and the gunna take all me money of me but it was just tellin me ov the changes startin in april so i was pullin my hair out my pain is through the roof from the stress ov it all i rang up dial and they said i would not have to fill the forms in till 2015 which gives me time get me head around things and also i think its so wrong that ppl wont get there cars if they can walk 22yard whatever it is wot abt ppl like me are in agnogy all the time wiv my feet and its so painfull wen i walk and ppl who use a stike eveyday wont get this new rate its a load ov bull shit fed up ov the whole thing did not ask to become ill neither do i want this blasted illness nor do i want b on benefits just want to be able get on with my life but they wont leave me and every1 else alone whats the point in carryin on had enough :(

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Pip I know things seem bleak at the moment but we have to keep fighting. I understand what you mean its a horrible situation . I know because I'm in a similar situation & waiting to hear about an appeal. I know how scary it all is. People assume we don't want to work which is not the case. We flnd it impossible . So what do we do ? I keep racking my brains to think How can I make a living ? When it takes all my strength to do a little house work or go to the shops etc, etc ? When an outing is exshausting & we feel so bloody feeble. Its a continuing battle I know. Just take a day at a time & try to be positive .Take comfort with family & friends. They know how you struggle on a daily basis. Sending you good wishes & a hug. xx

Just remember that if they refuse you the benefit that you can appeal and they should still pay you. Also remember that by the time that it comes round to 2015 they will have changed the rules as this pip thingy isn't working. As dancing queen says stay positive.. Hugs your way.xxx

I'm stressing too over this! My DLA is up for renewal this year (nov),& I'm in the postcode area to be one of the first to trial PIP. Having recently been diagnosed & told there is irreversible damage showing on xray to my feet I'm in a dilemma, obviously this is a change in my condition so what do I do? Reapply now before new rules come in or wait until my renewal pack comes? This whole thing is causing so much stress its unbelieveable! At least you've got until 2015,I've only got a few months left on my award!xx

Hi Fearn2261

It would be worth contacting your local CAB for some advice on this, they should be up to date with all the latests changes and be able to help when the time comes to fill in forms etc.

Kind regard

Sarah Kate


thank you so much for all ur support xxxxxxxxx

I was the same last week after a stressful time filling in forms for incapabilty. I went to cAB who helped me fill them in and sai I am not in the pip area but said not to worry as I have obvious grounds to get help. It really helped my piece of mind and if I hav an interview hen so be it, will deal with it when and if it happens, o thanks for all the support from all on here and CAB!! Hugs xx

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