hi all i have got a indefinite award for pip and i am so scared of my money been taken away from me all the worry is making me ill and so depressed my husband is fed up of hearing me what if this what if that dont no whats going on with it atm if anyone nos anything about it plz tell me cause i am going out of my head with worry and its not doing my ra and crohns any good thank you xxxx

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  • Hello Ords, sorry to read that you are getting yourself upset regarding PIP. I'm a bit confused, have you been given an indefinite award for DLA or PIP. I know with PIP there are no longer indefinite awards being given, but they do give long term awards if that makes sense? It seems for first time application it seems to be two or three year awards been giving then a reassessment. As my understanding goes everyone will have to be reassessed unless you fall into the special circumstances. It's a very stressful process and it's a real shame they just can't go on our medical evidence but on the other hand it's good because they can see just how bad we are, but you have your award at the moment so try to relax and enjoy that, I know from experience that worrying about what will or won't happen will make you ill. Best wishes and hope you feel better soon :)

  • Indefinte on dla sorry and thanks for talking back to me i no i should not worry but i can not help but keep thinking if my money stops how do i get to hospital etc xxxx

  • Please try not to worry, I don't know too much about DLA but if you were given a indefinite award I'm assuming you must quite bad with your RD? I think why they do the assessments with PIP is to check that people are getting the help and support they need as with DLA people were going years without reviews and I think this what they wanted to stop. If you think of it positively you might end up on even money as they might feel you need more help and support than you're getting now. Good luck :) x

  • I failed to be awarded DLA so have no money help at all. I get to hospital with hospital transport, they come and pick me up and bring me home for free. I could never afford taxis and can't walk to the bus stop or to the hospital from the bus station so it really helps.

  • Oh ords, please don't get too worked up about it. I appreciate it's easy for someone who doesn't know your circumstances to say that but I do know it won't help either of your health problems. I don't know the ins & outs of indefinite awards but the CAB or your local Welfare Rights Officer would talk you through it all, both have been very helpful in my experience. I think how you are at the moment it would be wise to seek out someone who could go through it with you face to face as there's little point in working yourself up even more second guessing what will happen. I know it depends on when your DLA is due for renewal so if I was you if it's not imminent don't panic too soon, I'm sure it will all be fine & with you being in the indefinite award category I doubt very much you'll stop receiving benefits because it's changed to PIP. How I understand it the money doesn't stop when people change from DLA to PIP so there should be no problems there with receiving your benefit when you're waiting to receive notification of your award.

    Hope this helps & sure someone at either office will help if you just pop down or make an appointment.

  • hi ords 11, please do what nomoreheels said, and go to C.A.B good luck xx Not sure if this reply will get to you as only ever had one reply acknowledged

  • Hi ords you have reminded me when my husband first got DLA he was worried he wasn't entitled to it.

    In the end I had to ring and ask for him .

    He had heart failure and it wasn't doing him any good. He was given it for life on the the second assessment. He died 2 years ago and revived it for 8 years and never got used to having this money as never had any benifit all his life.

    He drove me mad with it lol makes me smile when I think how he worried now. :)

  • Hi Ords, can you say how old you are.....not feeling....as one feels as old as ones age sometimes with these diseases when all one wants to do is to feel young at heart. If you have DLA for life or indefinite and you are over 60 you have little to worry about re reassessments. They have to get through the youngsters first before looking at us oldies. I am 72 and on DLA for life. But if it worries you a lot and you are a lot younger than do go and speak to someone. and take hubby with you so he understands also.

  • Well said Skeggy!! By the time they've done thatthey would have scrapped the disaster that is PIP. Hope ORDS is feeling better today too :)

  • Thanks I get fed up with being told I am 72. I don't feel it in my head....well? sometimes.

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