Went for my assessment yesterday at 8.10am not the best time of day for me!! It was a downhill walk to the hospital oh my poor knees, once in it was a long walk to the assignment room I had to stop about four times my partner looked for chairs but only found one for me to rest on. Finally arrived but they wouldn't open the door till 8!!! I wasn't on my own there were three booked for the same time it seems they have three hourly. We went in the room a was ment by a lady who said she was a nurse and the question rolled my partner joined in with some of the answers I was asked to do several actions I did my best then it was over she said I'd hear in 6-8 weeks and with that asked for a porter to come with a wheelchair to take me back to the carpark, I was so great full. Will let you know the outcome thanks for your support xxx


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  • Get in touch and ask for a copy of the report x it comes in very handy if you need to dispute any of the assessment .

  • That's definitely one of the best bits of advice - forewarned is forearmed as they say,and you may never need it,but it's always handy to have the facts upfront instead of being caught in the headlights if things don't go your way. Fingers crossed you won't need it anyway x

  • You poor thing we shouldn't have to go through this rubbish xx

  • Sounds like you have quite a trek even before your assessment started. I hope you receive your award sooner, I think they give that timescale to everyone but many get hear sooner. had my result in just over a fortnight. As A says do give the DWP a ring & ask for a copy of the assessor's report but give I'd it a week or so as it won't be processed straight away. I hope you're pleased with your award, do let us know.

  • Thank you all will let you know xxx

  • People need to be very careful when going to see these people, they have cameras all over the place, inside and outside, how did you get here today, car, walk, if you have walked and you tell them this you won't get help you need, if in a car, where have you parked? In the car park, as your getting in or out they will be looking. Inside the waiting room, they will be watching for how long you sit down and how you sit down and then how you get up, also your face is telling them how chilled you are, dressing, please be carefull.


  • I agree with what you say but I was taken and told the truth about walking down such along way I was tired out and nearly fell when I got up to go in room for assessment. Time will tell

  • I think they know who is genuine and who is not. I was sat with another couple waiting and she loudly spoke and suggested how he was feeling which I felt was for staff to hear.

    I heard reply in two weeks

  • OMG I really felt for you when I read your post. That must of been horrendous for you. You poor thing. It is absolutely terrible that the government is putting people through this horrendous assessment. It should not be aloud. I really hope that you have a good outcome when you get your results. You take good care of yourself my friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Jan xxxx💐

  • ((hugs)) hope things go well. Fingers crossed. M x

  • Glad that you have had and it is over. My experience last week very

    Similar to you. I had a man and he also said he was a Nurse.

    Fingers crossed for us both 😊

  • If I could I would they're a bit sore today but I will in head hope it goes well for everyone who has to go through one xxx

  • I also went in January and was refused I have been on it for 3 years then they sent for me I also had brain tumour out 2 years ago and they said I am capable to go back to work I have to wear compression gloves and splints when hands and wrists swell up I retire in 3 years it seems they want to finish me off before I can get my pension I am in pain most days I did appeal and they still refused me as they said I would have to put in new claim it causes me a lot of stress now as I have to go all through it again

  • I still haven't heard from them i find i waiting for the postman every day I'm so stressed about it. I been on it for quite a few years and I retired about 8 hrs ago on the grounds of ill health but it wasn't for RA do I'll play the waiting game and let you know the results if I haven't gone mad. I only had 8 months to till I was 65 it seems so unfair take care

  • They must be crazy these folk who send out forms for you to fill in then send another one 40 pages long.

    Believe it or not I have a son who in a wheelchair - he has people who get him up and toilet him then shower him etc., twice a day. He was born (spastic they said then) hemoplegia spelt wrong he has. Cannot walk only has one arm and hand that works, and they have sent a pip form. Already filled in a form now I have to fill in this to say how he feels on a daily basis.

    I could swear, why don't they just come to the house and see for themselves. So stupid they are.

  • I

    was always told to remember they are there to stop you getting pip -not to see how much you can claim. cynical i know

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