I've had RA for over two years now, I'm on mtx injections and another tablet but can't spell it, my family keep telling me to claim pip, not sure if I should, some days my hands and knees and feet are ok, but some days they are so sore and I'm so tired I just sit and do nothing, my husband is very good and helps me when he can, if I have a flare I can't even drive my car or pull my knickers up, but not all the time, the only thing I have all the time is tiredness, I don't want to feel silly if I claim and they think nowt is wrong, I was finished at my job, (checkouts at Asda I worked there for ten years) because I couldn't cope with my hands and wrist. as time goes on I seem to be getting worse with my aches and pains. advise would be great. Thx

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  • It's always worth a try Sue, they might refuse you but you can always appeal, I'd go ahead and see what happens. Good luck. xx

  • Yes I'm going to, thanks x

  • Give it a go - Claiming Pips, you've got nothing to lose.

    I am the same as you but dropped down my working days to 3 because I get so fatigued.

    I started claiming Pips about 4 months ago but only the minimum for Daily Living and nothing for mobility. I live on my own so it takes me a bit longer to do things. But like you its mainly my hands, wrists then my knees started, however with medication it has eased it.

    I recently had a steroid injection and I was back to normal, it wore off after 6 weeks and they only give these injections 3 or4 times a year.

    Tuesday I had the "breathing test" because I have just started on Mthx and Folic acid pills.

    If you google PIPS you will see the weekly living allowance is £57.45 and they send it on a 4 wkly basis, so that's £229.80 extra in your pocket. It doesn't matter what other income comes into your home, that's for you and not taxable.

    Good luck. x

  • Yes I think will give it a go thanks x

  • It's always worth a try. But also do push your rheumy to see if there's more that could be done to control your disease. If you've only had it two years you may not have tried all the options, and often I think that the rheumies assume that everything's ok. Keep asking "with a different treatment can I get any better than this?"

  • Yeah they are on about me trying something else. Thanks.x

  • I don't know how old you are but I left it too late because I thought on good days why would I claim. My stupid pride got in the the way of applying for the the disability living allowance now PIP. You can but try, be honest about your bad days, don't be brave and say you cope when you really can't. Go for it, what have you got to lose. If turned down appeal, don't give up. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

  • I'm 57, and yes your right that's exactly how I think about it, but I will claim, they can only say no, thanks.x

  • Good for you, I'm now too old so go for it x

  • Just reading your reply is their an age limit on pip claims ? What age would this be?x

  • Age limit is 65, I presume it was made when retrial age was 65 years of age. After that there Is attendance allowance but you definitely don't get the mobility part. So no car etc, which is awful . Hope this helps.

  • 65 is the limit

  • Oh thx better get filling those forms in then, time flys ha ha

  • I've been told 65 is the limit

  • I'm having my interview this morning for pip. Fingers crossed 😐

  • Yes good luck, let me no how it went, x

  • Id definitely apply if I were you, and don't feel silly about it as we all know how bad a flare can be 😪 I'm 29 and have recently been diagnosed! hope it all works out for you!

  • I think I'm going to try, I've always done part time work since my kids where old enough to be left, my husband has always worked for over 39 years never ever claimed off anyone, why I feel like I should claim I don't know, I think when I go to my RA clinic and see some people who can hardly walk and there hands are really twisted and look like they are in terrible pain I think to myself well your not that bad, but when I'm giving a flare especially in my hands which is the worse and I can't even pull up my draws without bad pain that's when I think I should claim, without my mtx I wouldn't be able to use my hands at all, I hate taking it but I have to, or I'd have to go throu life knicker less

  • Have a read on the Benefits and Work website, they have some really helpful advice.

  • I'm not at work anymore, and I only did 14 hours a week, so when I finished I couldn't claim anything,

  • You don't have to be working to claim PIP, it's supposed to be for the extra cost of being disabled - buying equipment etc. which tends to be expensive. PIP is not means tested either. You just have to satisfy the criteria on the application form, i.e. it's how your RA affects your day to day living rather than a mere diagnosis of RA. Good luck.

  • Thx x

  • Make an appointment to see the disability advisor at your local CAB. They can go through the PIP criteria with you and help you work out whether you are likely to get any points, and also help you with the application. The CAB advisors have access to decision makers guides, so they have a good understanding of how the criteria are interpreted. Whether or not you apply for PIP, CAB should also be able to tell you if there is any other help available to you in your area. Every council area is a bit different, so there may be something useful that you didn't already know about.

  • Will do that thx.x

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