I have DWP telling me i have the enhanced mobility and care from what was disability living allowance. I am so relieved and in shock that it came through so quick and without a visit from the people who come and see you in your own home to assess you. I did send a letter i had from the consultant after i had a second opinion and i think that helped no end. I now have to start to believe that i am chronically ill now instead of just riding along like i have been doing. Now is the time to try and sort some things out like what can i do and can't do and try to organise myself a bit better.

I am so happy and PIP can be successful.xxxxxx

My pretend kitty that hubby brought for me.xxxx

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  • Hi Sylvi,

    so please to hear this,


  • Thank you Beverley, was so surprised when i got home and found out i can tell you,i thought it would have been a lot harder than it was. I know i am lucky though as there are some who have to fight a lot harder than i have done.xxxx

  • Seems to be so hit and miss Sylvi. Glad you got it. Helps for people to hear that it can be awarded without all the horror stories that you hear.

  • Great news! I can see it's a bitter sweet result but so glad you've got that support in place.

  • Yes it is biter sweet,but it is a relief as well.xxx

  • That's great news. Must be a great relief to you that you don't have to go through all that rigmarole. X

  • So pleased for you, must be a relief. M x

  • That is good news Sylvi, you can't ask for better than that. So pleased you didn't have to go through the performance of the assessment.

    Love your kitty too, snuggly. x

  • So many leased that you got this, now sit back and relax xxx

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Good news!!!!

  • Well done.xx

  • Good news for you. Bitter sweet though but at least it's a worry off your mind xxxxxx

  • Congratulations Sylvi .

  • Thank you all very much indeed. It is possible to get it so for those that are going through it now don't lose hope.xxxx

  • Well done Sylvia.

    I have my PIP assessment next Thursday. I will be glad when mine is all done and dusted.


  • Tell them how you are when your at your worst,don't try to be a martyr.xxx

  • Pleased to hear of another positive result, well done. x

  • Well done xx

  • Did your consultant send it direct or did he give it to you to pass on, I have all the forms here which look very daunting to be honest thanks for any advise on this carole

  • Nice to see some positive out of all this misery. Long may it continue for you

  • Thank you all very much indeed,if it gives hope to others then i am happy.xxxx

  • Great news x

  • So glad you were awarded PIP at the enhanced rate on both components.

    We hear so many horror stories, it's nice to know that they are actually looking at factual evidence and sparing people from the fear and humiliation of an assessment.

    I think there is an important message in your post, and it's:

    Make sure your medical team are aware of how you are affected on a daily basis, what difficulties you have and what you can't do or are missing out on rather than simply confirming a diagnosis.

    I'm not entirely sure congratulations is the right word but I'm sure it's a massive relief and one less thing to worry about.

    Best wishes

  • Yes it is darling and such a relief less for me to worry about. Thank you for your words.xxxx

  • I'm glad to hear that you're getting somewhere with all this.


  • What a relief for you and this gives us all hope when our turn comes round. xx

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