Hi All I need some help to fill in the pip forms, i sent a email to CAB and got one back saying, i must fill the form in the best i can and then take it to them to look at it. No appointment i am on the benefit and work site, but find i just can't get my head round it. I don't want to ask my GP for letters as i find her not very helpful, I have hospital letters and letters saying i need my right knee replacement. I should of had it done last year but lost my dad and 2 other family members, and could not face it. Also had pulmonary embolism after i had an arthroscope so i am very frightened. Sorry to go on is there any other support to help with the forms. Thanks. vxx

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  • Yes, 08002987650 call the nras helpline, they are amazing and can send you a very detailed book which helped me with the forms.

    Just say how you feel and add all your evidence. It will be fine!!!!

  • Thank you will give them a call.x

  • Hi Blueboy

    Here is a link to the PIP booklet mentioned by Allanah. You can download it or order it here:


    If CAB can't help, you could see if there's another local organisation that can help:


    Otherwise, I think just put the information together as best you can and then take this to CAB to help you finalise it.

    I hope the guide helps.



  • Thankyou. x

  • Your not going on and your questions and concerns are important to many people. My CAB found time to help me start to finish but that was before their funding cuts. I think it sounds like one to one help is what you need to get you through this, i hope a local organisation can help you.


  • Thank you. x

  • If the best you can do is to fill in your name and address just do that and take it to Citizens Advice and they will help you. I am a volunteer adviser & while this doesn't sound good for the service many offices are struggling with budget cuts. Many people don't appreciate that it's a charity staffed mostly by volunteers. You may have to wait a long time to be seen. As a general rule think about how you feel on your worst days and then don't underestimate how many bad days you have.

  • If you're lucky enough to have a DIAL near you then call and speak to them. They have qualified disability staff and people who understand. 1 helped me fill in the forms (twice at my house and once I managed to go to them) and another lady went through them and advised what steps to take. It still took 3 declines and a tribunal but they were there all the way telling me to stay strong.

    Unfortunately, due to lack of support and funding, most of the local offices are closing. But if you have a burst pipe you call a plumber so if you're disabled call the Disability specialists and help save your local DIAL! Good luck and keep fighting. The aim is to get a tribunal where face to face you can explain to a board your daily toils! Xx

  • So sorry to here this i have been to the CAB did not find the person that i seen over helpful but did my form, i have put all my hospital letters in and today did a letter how my every day is. It is so hard, why do we need to beg.

  • I am so sad about that, mine was wonderful. If you haven't sent it away photo copy everything so you have a record.

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