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out come from yesterdays meeting with registra

i didnt get to see the guy who did the operation on my knee

but saw a younger person

he asked me how the knee was i told him it felt loose and he asked for a look.

then we got onto the subject of phisio which i told him they had told me what i need to do and i already know that from doing my swimming etc

i also whent on to tell him about the blood flow test in legs because of the toes turning blue 3 weeks after operation

and i also mention the rumi guy who i saw in sept and asked if he was wrighting to my doctor could he mention this also because i would like to see him at bury he said it was out of the are but would do this for me but it would depend on funding in that area.due toi it being outside warrington.

i tried to get in as much as possible about the problems i had been having.

he also told me about grade 3 in knee etc and loose acl and patela where has all this gone since the mri scan.

he gave me no more advice but phisio so i asked if i could see mr kay again regards my problems but mr kay is a hard man to see due to a change of job he said he would try to see him in another 4 weeks.

so im still no further on with this thing.

meanwhile i think this morning and last night with the burning feet nown not cold burning feet and knees that are not stiff in a morning but hurt is the worst ive had it in quite a bit seems like some sort of flare again cos they are usualy coldish.

realy cant see no end to this problem at moment but im trying to keep sain instead of climbing the wall which i feel like doing this moring cos its so bad.

keep trying to walk as square as possible on the legs BUT IT BLEEDING HARD so im going to try some ankle straps this morning and a knee strap

perhaps this flair came about due to this meeting.

but the next one i get im realy not taking any shit from them and i mean that even if they throw me out. LOL

I HAVE MY OWN DOCTORS TODAY TO COS HE HAS BEEN TOLD BY THE BLOOD FLOW PEOPLE TO PUT ME BACK ON VISTATINS and i dont want to take a high dose of these again so im going to ask for 10 mg not bleeding 40 and if i get problems im stopping again.

so it looks to me like im not getting through to these people at all with this

it seems like i had my knee looked into and made things worse and if i had know they where going to have a fiddle round in their just to get some experience and do nothing afterwards i would not have let them go in cos it feels to me like it was a wast of time now just made thing worse.

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maybe a different statin?? simvastatin didnt suit my dad. he takes atorvastatin. more expensive, less problems in people like you and my dad??. you got to try and ditch those fags mate, they arent helping , sorry your appoint was waste of time. my rheum appointment bit like that, came away with nothing.


yes tel me about it summer mine a bit like that wast of time see another doctor you wait 2 hrs due to delays and well it seems to be a bwast of time im hopefull if i getb to see my kay i will get somthing done at least

took the name of those others i will ask


Sorry things are still up in the air for you John. Keep battling to get answers when you see the doctor today - at least you are seeing these doctors but maybe you need to let them see how badly its getting to you too. Also tell them you are quitting smoking and would like some help - and then really do it?! X


thanks tilda i will keep battling but im running out of steam today with the burning feed this morning and knees i dont think its the fags but bought myself an electronic gigaret they said these where ok spearmint taste.

im like you getting a little bit dispondant today with all these battling and let downs tilda but you been in the same boat im 12 months out now


Well I know this sounds harsh John but I make sure I show the doctors that I'm trying my hardest to keep for and well and can do no more - so the electric fag will help show that you're trying too. Not sure what is similar about our situations as I have a diagnosis of RA and am under a rheumy and being treated with aggressive medication? But I do think you should just let the doctor do some work instead of trying to second guess what's wrong all the time yourself - speaking as one who knows as this we do have in common! Make them work - shed a few manly tears and tell them you need them to offer you some real help and support not keep fobbing you off. Good luck. Tilda x


I meant fit and well!


yes tilda i know we share some things in common

im going to tell him how it is today with this thing but ya know tilda deep in my mind i know i should not have let them go in that knee and stayed with what i had it was not as bad i feel as letting someone in only to find they may be saying get on with it.

i feel we all look on the internewt for answers and a lot of things on their fit in to the same perspective as what ailments we have

but your verry right i think these people who we pay should come up with the answers


one feels like if we push hard trying next day will be better but it dosnt fell like it sometimes when you get up next morning you feel like yopur body has been riddled mine feels like ache all over today and this could have indirectly been brought on with feeling a bit down yesterday and having to wait another month for another 10 minutes of their time making another apointment that takes another month

dont ever be ill in britain WHO SAID THAT WAS IT HAROLD WILSON LOL


regards john


John, can I just clarify something? Did the exploratory operation you had lead to a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis in the knee?

I know you have a lot of other symptoms in addition to localised knee problems, for example aching all over & very cold feet. Has anyone offered you any explanation whatsoever for these more generalised symptoms?

I'm sorry you are having such a frustrating time. It does sometimes sound as if the doctors aren't really listening ...... if your problems really are just very complicated then they are going to have to try harder. And if there is nothing they can do for you at the moment then they are going to have to sit you down and put their cards on the table one by one. You are obviously suffering but seem like someone who is quite stoical by nature.

Have you got any ideas about what the problem might be? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to get a clearer picture of what's happening with you.

Hope today goes okay.

Luce x


hi wolley

its seems to me like people cant be bothered

the knee on the operation was grade 3 grade 4 being the worst possible

on the ball on the inside of the knee

also the patela is grade 1 and the main stabiliser in the knee the ACL is significantly stretched

none oif this showed on the mri scan WHY I DONT KNOW OR ON AN XRAY somthing not right here you can see that a mile off surley you dont have to go in to see that

this morning the feet for the first time where as hot as anything along with both knees.

the check on blood flow through the legs showed to be fine. so i dont know what is up their bit of a mistery that

i think due to the inside of the knee gone the ankle is compensating for this and it may be causing it

i dont know what the options are for me he didnt explain that to me yesterday and it appears to be somthing with cut backs etc to me

this in turn makes my body not want to walk compleatly over on that leg even though i try to correct this i seem to move back to the other better leg which dosnt do that any good i feel

i explained to ther guy yesterday in engineering terms he did listen but its all wait and see with these people which dosnt give you much confidence only keep going.

if you had told me from one swim this would have gone like from a pulled ligament to all this i would not have belived it

but somthing was happening cos i was doing a lot of sweating in bed before it all kicked of monts before and didnt go to the docs cos i thought it was nothing (how wrong)

regards john


John i do wish i hadn't had my knee done in the first place,but the second knee was a success thank goodness. We had to get a private consultation before we found out what the problem was. It has cost me so much. I am still having problems with the soft tissue and muscles and ligaments,but the knee is great. Keep on at them my


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