'You are clinically in remission' ... :D

I recieved a letter from the hospital the other day and I was so happy when I read it that I actually cried. The main words that stood out to me were: 'Emma is clinically in remission'. I couldnt believe it! Ive waited 16 long years and finally had the news that Ive been waiting for.

I stood there in disbelief for a good 15mins because I found it hard to believe. Im still really struggling with my knee and my ankle so how could I be in remission? My Dad explained it to me though. He said that the pains Im experiencing at the moment in my knee and my ankle are mechanical pains and that there isnt actually any swelling which means that there isnt any active arthritis there. Its all 'wear and tear' pains and at the moment my arthritis isnt active which is why they can say that Im in remission.

Its a bit annoying that the pains I have at the moment cant be easily sorted with painkillers or joint injections etc but Im managing. I feel the happiest I have been in a while at the moment and Im hoping this feeling lasts for a long time.

I know that I will never ever fully get rid of my arthritis and that I will have it for the rest of my life whether Im in remission or not and I do know that may be in a few months time or even a couple of weeks or even maybe a year or so, that it will flare up again but Im stronger mentally now and I think Id be able to cope with the situation a bit better if it ever did occur.

I need to say a big thank you to my family and friends for all of the help, support, love and guidance they have given me through living with arthritis. Without them and their positivity I honestly do not know what state I would be in now. I think I would be a big emoitional heap on the floor!

I feel as if Im writing as if I have fully defeated my arthritis and it is completely out of my body but I know its not. Ive still got a long way to go e.g. sorting out my knee and my ankle and really making sure that I am on the right medicines. I know Im never gonna be 100% free of arthritis but Im happy to accept that. For the time being, Im just going to carry on and hope for the best and wait and see what surprises life throws at me next and deal with them as and when they happen. Im gonna get my knee and ankle sorted, hope for the best and enjoy living life as a student :)

I hope everyone is feeling okay!x

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Dear Em, this is just such fantastic news for you. To have struggled with so much for so long when so young you are such a brave soul. I really do hope that you can remain stable and enjoy your life as a student. As you say you can cope with the knee and ankle knowing you are mentally stronger, I really am so very pleased for you. Fingers crossed it continues for a long time yet !

Big celebration hug from me......

Love Sue xx


Long may it continue for you em. You have been an inspiration to the other young people on here are suffering, you written the book and torn it up again. Well done. Love sylvi.xx


Em that's fantastic news, and hopefully you will stay in remission for a long time.

I haven't been here long but I know how brave you have been.

Look forward to the future now, do the things you want to do and stay positive.

Your parents must be very proud of you, I know I would be if you were my daughter.

Celebrate in style!

All the best

Mary x


ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Em ... now you can get on with your life like someone your age should ...

i wish you all the best

debs x


that's so good. I bet your parents shed a tear or two as well. you really do deserve this after all the problems you've overcome,so I hope you can get the mechanical things sorted as well. hope you've got few good things planned with your boyfriend to celebrate. Polly


Fantastic news Em. I actually welled up reading this, what a brave woman you are. Enjoy. x


Really proud of you, well done. That's another one joining the 'wiliby' club. Go out there and get life by the horns and enjoy. x


haha Mel, waiting for you to join!

Little Em, I'm so very happy for you, I even shed a tear :) x


Absolutely wonderful news Em - well done! TTxx


Congrats Em, hopefully you will be in remission for many yrs to come!

Sci x


Congratulations Em, that is good news and i hope you do well in your studies.


Wonderful news Em! Everyone's said it all & I just want to joint the queue of well-wishers. You always sound as if you live life to the full anyway & now they'll be no stopping you.

Christina x


Wow. Great news Em. Enjoy student life as best you can. Angie xx


:). :). ;). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :)


A bit late but I'm glad they've stopped it in its tracksxx


Great news. So pleased for you. Student life is meant to be fun, so go have a ball.

Well done to you and so good to hear that you have a wonderful supportve family.




Good news Em. Everyone's just about said it all already. Go get some fun

Judi xxxxxxxxx


Well thats great news x


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