This was from radio 2

A man was watching bambi with his 4 year old daughter and the very sad part where bambies mother dies came on. In order to shield his little one he pulled her more closely to him at this sad scene. She turned round to her dad withe scorn on her face and said "man up, princess!!!!!!" The man was laughing his head off on the radio! So funnee I thought. Any other kids sayings you heard cos that has cheered me up so much. Hugs Axx

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  • My grandson is very conflicted about killing alien babies on starwars games. What do you say!!

  • Good one

  • My friends little boy examining his daddy's binoculars for the 1st time. He looked thru them, out the window and shouted out BOOBEEEES........Are GREAT......


  • Arent boobies a type of bird? lol

  • Lolxx

  • Out of the mouths of babes!

  • A mother took her young daughter to see my GP. As they were putting coats on at the end of consultation the little girl turned to her mum and asked "is this the doctor you said was really hot mum?". The woman literally dragged the poor kid out without a glance and makes sure she's never had another apt with him! Her brother told me this story and it did make me laugh because my GP is handsome but rather a serious chap really.

  • omg!!! that really happen, i had a gorgeous and i mean gorgeous midwifery doctor, i really felt uncomfortable!!! think it was my hormones!! But not my GP nowadays lol

  • Mortifying really! The woman's brother said that it was a quip missed - she should have replied "no darling its the other one I meant"but we never think of these things until too late?! X

  • Oh and another re my own kids since its your request! When our oldest son was about 3 or 4 we were visiting my parents in London. Thinking how to convey not to speak to strangers as he was very friendly always - but very literal - I told him that some people were like the goblins in his most scary Noddy book. They may look normal and nice but could be goblins inside, so best not to trust anyone too much just in case.

    Got on the tube from Heathrow. There's a man sitting opposite us reading a newspaper. Son comes in close to me and points at him and says to me in the loudest whisper ever "mum see that man sitting there with the funny nose? Is he really one of those horrible goblins? He really looks like one!". . Man gives me the filthiest look in the world and I just want to curl up somewhere and hide!

  • lol, i used to have problems with my kids who used to go up to people in cafes and say " do you know smoking kills!!!" and then cough.Or say " u r fat, do you need that sausage, it will kill you "

    I left often in a state of shock. !!! it was my fault for the dont smoke dont eat fat campaign but it did backfire lol

  • I was in the pub a few months back, having a meal across from a family group, all female spanning several generations. I'd just about picked up what some of the older women were talking about when one of the young girls, about 13 years old, announced petulantly "I WISH I WAS GOING THROUGH THE MENOPAUSE, I'M ALWAYS BLOODY COLD!"

    I'm sure her wish will come true some day!

  • lol know the feeling ha ha xx

  • my favourite one from my own eldest son now 24, he would have been about 11 at the time. He made an angel on a clothes peg to hang on the xmas tree at school.

    I said it was lovely and what was its name , he said John Virgin. I said that's an unusual name, trying not to laugh. He said yes ,,John Virgin, "round John Virgin, mother and child, holy infant so tender and mild" .... Well John Virgin still goes on the tree every year x. oh memories aaagh xxxxxx

  • Oh, that's great!! Even better as it then became a family tradition!

  • I will try to remember to put a picture up of him next CHRISTMAS xx

  • Now that had me chuckling good and proper Allanah!! Xxx

  • Years ago, my daughter, then aged about 7 or 8, was walking home with me on a hot summers afternoon. Just as we passed a pub she piped up with "can we go to the pub mum, I could murder a drink". The guy doing the gardening in their beer garden burst into fits of laughter while I went very red and hurried on. We only used to take the kids to a pub if we were out for the day or on hols but I felt like dreadful alcoholic mum that day! x

  • I am laughing out loud at that!! Hee Hee xx and u don't have to explain yourself I believe you ........... :) xx

  • Grandson, aged around 3. He, my daughter and me in a cafe. He looked across at a disabled man in a wheelchair. The man was clearly "dwarf" size and was wearing a very jaunty but quite large black hat - it looked very stylish. Nathan pointed at him and exclaimed extremely loudly: "Look at that little man wearing such a big hat! Isn't he funny?" Well, we hadnt eaten yet, so couldnt run out of the cafe but the man saw the humour, smiled and took it very graciously!

  • Aww bless, they r so honest and innocent aren't they xx

  • My lovely daughter then aged 8, at our rather nice looking dentists. Pipes up my "mum thinks you gorgeous" no I don't well you did say." He's not bad but I prefer his little sports car".

    Seeing the funny side our dentist said " would you like a test drive"

    Oh..... how I wish I'd kept my thoughts to myself.

    Not happy with my embarrassment she then asked. " I hope your instruments are clean", I don't want the ones my brother has just had.....

    I then wished his chair had an ejector button.

    She's grown into a lovely young lady with a wicked sense of humour... ...... ....

  • Difficult for him to look at your teeth with such red blushing cheeks I think! Xxx

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