Countdown started , 6 days!

6 days to Glasto, got the tent out, the airbeds out, sleeping bags out, back packs out!! its on the radio and tv adverts which is making so excited also and will be on BBC3 from Friday 7pm, sky plus to set!!!

A very kind lady from Attitude is Everything has volunteered to take some of my heavy stuff in her car as we are going by coach. There are some good people in this world.

so only 6 sleeps hurrah xx

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  • How come your not taking your camper van or are they not allowed not 'Groovy enough'. I would have thought they would allow these in now. I would want my creature comforts now plus I could see you listening with your door open and a glass of wine jiggling to the music.

    Wave to the Tor for me and say I miss her! I do have a picture in my lounge though to supply my nostalgia. Have fun. xxx

  • the campervan field is about an hours walk out of the stages, so extra 2 hours walk everyday so i dont want to do that. So no chance you would hear anything from there!

    The coach saves me the drive and you bypass the car queue. Also you can sleep on the way home, its 9 hours for me that is but that is assuming there isnt too long a wait to get out the field which was 4 hrs plus the 9 hour drive.and when u r tired and have to keep stopping one year it took me 14 hrs!! But SO worth it!!!

  • Have a lovely time

  • Thank you, but do you all really think i wont do 5 days tomorrow lol

  • No i don't expect you won't enjoy yourself. Just a word of caution take care of yourself my friend. Your body and joints i

  • well thanks to Attitude is everything i get treated like a vip. I go onto the vip campsite, get buses to and from the stages and get to sit on a raised platform above the crowd so i don't have to stand and can see the bands over the crowds and have showers and vip flushing toilet! so it should be helpful but have penciled into my diary a rest WEEK after it lol xx

  • Good for you girl.x

  • Soooo jealous. Will be watching enviously on tv. (although I have got a day at hard rock nxt sat, so will also be 'down with the kids'. ) have fun.


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