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smiling again!!!


Well my exams are over, and I think I did OK - I will have to wait until April for my results.

I have gained so much from going to college, meeting new friends who accepted me from day one and walked slowly with me on my bad days; made sure I had the comfy seat to sit in and always - without fail - asked how I was! I have new friends that I will keep intouch with and will be meeting up when we get our results.

The best thing tho is pushing myself and building my crushed confidence, knowing that whatever the result is, I have new skill and if I choose to go onto further learning (which I very well might just do!!!! ) I can see a way out of my current job and look for something new - and that I have overcome 2012, am dealing with RA and Fibro and have done this all on my own - and with a lot of lovely support from you guys!!!!

I would highly recommend anyone to look into a course, its great fun!!!!

Anyway - Im off to rest now, and give my fat swollen sausage fingers a rest ( too much typing today!!) and wish you all well :)

Happy Weekend to one and all!!

Pen xx

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Well done you my friend. You should give yourself a good pat on the back. Now a nice hot bath and bed a book and a glass of wine for you


Hello my friend x

No bath for me, we had to take it out cos I couldn't get in it, and we needed the room for me to move in - but there are times when I would love a bath!!! Wine - oh Im a bore, I dont drink very much - but you have one for me xx Thanks for caring so much x


I am a bore also as i don't drink either. I am aklways about when you want to talk you know that my


That's brilliant to hear :-) One of the lesser known and uinderstood aspects of this stupid disease, or any chronic condition, is how it can crush your confidence. Well done you for fighting back.

Dotty xxxxx


It does feel good to have coped and come out the other end xx


Well done!!!

As Sylvi said definately a rest, hot bath and a very large glass of the finest vino!

So good that youve made new friends who have accepted you as you are with RA. Friends like that are far and few between so hope you all keep in touch.

Take care




Hi Jo!

Actually one of the girls has just text me to ask if Im doing the next course - I think I will and we will be able to go together!

Take care too x


Hi PJ68, does your NRAS name come from having 68 pairs of PJ's ? Just ignore me, silly old woman, I am !!

Well, congratulations on getting through your exams, it can't have been easy some days. It really goes to show that if you push yourself to do something the rewards come back to you ten fold. Put simply, what you give out, you get back. Hope you enjoyed your hot bath and bed. Take care June :-) xx


This made me laugh!!!

PJ is for my initials - Pen (Penelope Jane) my nick name when I was at college and 68 - the year I was born - but I probably have that many pj's - I live in them!!!

Thank you June x


Hello. I am so glad you are feeling better. Hope your results are good. It takes a lot of courage to sit exams and learn something new. Well worth the effort for a new interest and a bonus of new friends.

Hope things keep looking up



well done you x


Brilliant, it's such a relief isn't it and I remember wondering what to do with my evenings and spare time! Sure they will soon fill up again lol xx


Oh gosh yes, that feeling of guilt if I sat and watched TV of an evening lasted for years and years after I finished my part time course. And I remember how hard it was juggling work, family and studying before I got RA so well done you for managing with RA! Polly


Well done Pen- enjoy relaxing and feeling extra confident! Tilda


Well done x


I must admit it is all too easy for me to come home from work at 12.30pm and just sit down, maybe do a bit of house work - but I really have loved the experience even when I was going through my flare - but the tutor was great and so supportive, it just made it so easy! Mind you I am used to going to bed about 8.30pm, so still sitting at a computer and learning was pretty hard, but so rewarding!

Thank you everyone xx :)


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