Peace and goodwill to all

Peace and goodwill to all

Well my friends,This terrible year is coming to a close and i wish you all a very happy,peaceful and painfree christmas and new year.

Lets all pray for a cure for ra and all the other associated diseases.

Keep taking the pills people and if your having a drink have one for me please.

God bless you all my FRIENDS.

Sylvi. xx

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  • Happy xmas/new year to you Sylvi,always read read your bloggs and just knew you would be the first on here to send good wishes.A a cure for RA would be wonderful for all of us or meds. without side effects would be a good start.

    Beth 48xx =^..^=

  • Thank you my darling. Was down here at 2.00am, my chest giving me hell and my hands decided that they wanted in on the action to make me suffer. I went back to bed at 5.00am and i managed to sleep until 7.10am. which is a good think. Hope you have a lovely time. xx

  • Hope your days are less painful Sylvi (and everyone else)

    Please will the person (or persons) who manage to accommodate Sylvi with her request to have a drink for her .......... have one for me as well.

    (If the obliging person (or persons) has a weight problem, I promise I will eat seconds of turkey, roast spuds and christmas pudding and cream for them !!!!

    (I dont bother with christmas cake but I do partake in mince pies and sausage rolls so seconds of these could also be accommodated).

    Love and best wishes to one and all.

    Judi xxxx

  • :) Thanks Judi, That sounds like a very delicious meal I'm going to be having fantasizingly (How's that for a word?) Vicariously is even better.

    I made the Christmas cakes yesterday, but would love Mince pie!

    Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and we will all hope and pray for a better, less painful New Year. Peace and love, Loret

  • Have a good Xmas.. be as well as possible xxx

  • Hi Sylvi

    I am going to allow myself 1 glass of m&s buck fizz tomorow morning.

    Merry chrimbo and a good new year - we've bought lanterns to celebrate the new year this time, I hope they work and I am going to wish for a cure to ra!

    Take care hunny

    Joanne x

  • Happy Christmas Sylvi, have a lovely peaceful and painfree one (if possible)

  • Many thanks for good wishes. Love to you all

  • Sylvia dear heart, I knew it was you! I so agree with the wish for a cure, or atleast a better Rx for being more normal! Have yourself a very Merry Christmas, dear friend. Thank you for being! Love and Peace on this day, LoretXXXX

  • And many good wishes for festive season from me too. The few of us who do drink are going to have a whale of a time if they have one for all of us who can't/don't.....instead I've put the scales in the cupboard until 2012. Polly x

  • What are scales??????? xxxx

  • Them things fish have LOL XX

  • Not the ones then that tell us we are faaaaaaat . xx

  • Merry Xmas to you Sylvi

    Don't normally drink but i'll have one with my dinner tomorrow and raise a glass to you and hope you have a better year in 2012

    Julie xx

  • thank you darling. Sitting here listening to tv playing xmas songs fronted by michael buble. Nice easy listening and relaxing. I hope that we all do.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Have your best possible Xmas Sylvi - I'm wishing you only good things in 2O12 .

    Cece x

  • Thank you and you too my friend.

    Sylvi. xx

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