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Still smiling......Just

Hi there! I'm new here - I have just found this site and after 28 years of this disease am trying to keep positive but after 20 surgeries and constant pain its not so easy these days - I don't seem to bounce back so quickly now. I'm 56 years old and have raised 2 children and still working 25 hours a week, but I get beyond tired! My Husband is amazing and looks after me very well, and my daughter too is very understanding of my limitations. The children were 3 and 5 when I was diagnosed, and I was 28. I found the early days very hard to cope with as I was very fit and well and played netball and tennis and also ran. I can't manage any of those things now, but can potter in the garden and I enjoy reading. One really good thing about working in a school is children bring out the best in you and also the great holidays allow me time to rest and recharge my batteries, so I am still smiling .....just!

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I have been so fortunate in not needing any surgery so far. You seem to have fought hard to maintain a normal family life and keep working, so try to be kind to yourself now and take things easier. Keep that smile going, it is the best medicine 😊.

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Hi Delainey and welcome to our happy band! You have found an amazing and invaluable support network of lovely people who know what it's like



good to know ... thank you


I'm 61 andI was diagnosed 14 years ago, but suspect my RAstarted when my second child was 4 and I was expecting my third. I found morning routines really difficult - coping with stiff joints and dressing a wriggly baby was a nightmare! I am lucky that I haven't had to have any surgery. I agree with you about the benefits of the school holidays. I was a teacher and didn't intend to retire until July 2017 - I'm one of those women in their 50s and won't get my state pension until I'm 66 - but had to stop work in July 2015 because the stress of the job was making me have flare after flare. There are lots of parts of the job I miss - but not the stress!


Bless you, can understand how the stress would have affected you I see it our teachers all the time, and a busy school office is quite stressful at times too!

I hope you are able to enjoy your retirement now.



Nice Delainey - It sounds like you are doing relatively well overall, especially for having this disease for 28 years. Congratulations on raising two children and being able to make a good life in spite of all of the difficulties.

As I'm sure you know, RA and other Autoimmune diseases cause major depressive disorders. It is hard to get past the physical limitations, the pain, the fatigue.

I have only been diagnosed for 6 years, with no kids to raise, and just a job to deal with, as well as a wonderful husband (once he understood how serious it was).

I guess my point in all of this is that if you are still smiling, that is wonderful! Wishing you all of the best.


Thank you for your kind wishes it does make you realise that despite this awful condition the simple things are just as important and as I am home sick today following a steroid injection in my foot last night I am taking the time to log in and see these comments.

Delainey x


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