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I've come back --------- but i'm not sure where I've been

Hi All

For those that don't know me I was an original blogger when this site opened and have made many friends through it.

I had a bit of a bad year last year having to come off Humira to have what turned out to be 2 ops on my spine, when i went back on Humira it failed i was still taking MTX by injection but unable to take steroids due to the damage to my bones. I don't know why I stopped coming on here, i used to read the posts and understand what you were all going through and wanting to help but couldn't.

I've started on Rutixamab had my second dose yesterday, the first infusion had to be stopped when i had a reaction to it nothing major just hives and a horrible headache but the infusion was stopped and more steroids and antihistamines given.Yesterday it went really well just the headache which seems to have gone now.

So I say i've come back and will try to take more time to read and reply to blogs, in my first year of RA which was 2009 i found the forum so helpful it allows you to get things off your chest and hear other fellow RA ers problems then you realise how lucky you are. I met Ali and Julie in person and we went to the NRAS lunch meeting others that come on the site.

So slowly slowly I might not reply to every blog or question but you can always message me.

I hope that all old friends are OK and I look forward to hearing from you and meeting new friends

Tricia P

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Afternoon tricia,welcome back. You have really had a time of it haven't you. I hope your now on the road to recovery. My best wishes to you. sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi

nice to hear from you and your having a bad time of it as well, I must admit i have never actually got up in the night and written a blog, I do get up and try and poddle round trying to loosen joints, your poor hands do you have the lycra gloves I've found them really good, get them from your OT.

thinking of you

Tricia P


Welcome back Tricia - I've been coming here for over a year now and it's kept me sane so glad to see you here again but sorry things have been so tough your end. Tilda xx


hi Tilda

I remember you and no that you've been a good friend to those in need, i hope your keeping well and i look forward to reading your news.

love Triciaxx


Welcome back Tricia - I wondered where you and several others from the start up had gone but sorry to hear you have had a bad time of it. I too have had a rough 3 years but I've had my second cycle of Rituximab in May and am managing to take a low dose of MTX 7.5mgs and the last few weeks have felt good. Not perfect but a lot better than I've been for many years. I really do hope this works for you as well. I will keep my fingers crossed..........

Sue xx


Hello Tricia, nice to hear from you again. Sounds like a rough year, so hope that Rituximab does the trick for you. It's nice that new people join the site, but also great when there's news from others. I aLways wonder how people are getting on. Take care, Pollyx


Tricia . its the old gang again... hope the rutixamab infusions continue to settle and hope they help

Alison xx


Hi Ai

Good to hear that the gold doing you good, funny how some meds work for one and not the other, thats not an opening for a pharmy talk. My niece passed her pharmy exams tried a hospital but has gone to work at a big high st store in a town near you.

Speak soon

Love Tricia


She choose well hospitals not a great place to work xx


Hello Tricia, glad to see you back again, but you have had a hard time, I do hope the rutixamab starts to work and makes you feel better. You deserve some good health now.


Thank you

I'm not even sure why i didn't come back on I spent weeks in hospital in Oxford not even my home town with the spine, but that seems good, so i'm looking forward to the Rtux kicking in.

Love Tricia Pxxx


Welcome back Tricia,

I don't know you from before as I have only been about since March time.

You've had a nasty old year, I hope things improve for you now.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Mary x


H Mary

Nice to meet you, they are a good old bunch here and very supportive, onwards and upwards for me now no looking back,

I look forward to hearing more about you.



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