Its here, happy new year to you all.xxxx: I hope you... - NRAS


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Its here, happy new year to you all.xxxx


I hope you were all able to spend new year how you wished and you enjoyed yourselves painfree and with who you loved. I spent it at home with my dh and our dear friend from across the road. Yesterday afternoon we had our daughter our friend from across the road and two very dear friends to lunch and then after lunch my other two friends came round,so i had my best friends altogether in our house which was lovely. I don't have many close friends,but it is a raretity to get them all together.

So here is to a better new year for us all and a healthier one as well.

So i wish you all a happy new year.xxxxxx

My first snowdrop in my garden

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Happy New year x

And to you Sylvi. I pray 2018 is your turn around year!


sylvi in reply to Eiram50

So do i Marie so do i ,thank you.xxxx

Happy New Year Sylvi. I second Marie's sentiment. x


Happy New Year Sylvi, lovely snowdrop x

Happy new year to you too Sylvi... I love snowdrops ❤️ I’ve planted loads of bulbs over the years but only a few seem to come through! Xx

Gnarli in reply to freesthomas

Do you plant the bulbs 'in the green'? They seem to thrive and grow better if you do. My garden is heaving with them. How many hundreds would you like?

freesthomas in reply to Gnarli

Hi there.... I haven’t tried planting them in the green. I will definitely give that a go - thank you for the tip 🌱🌱 - hopefully I will end up with a good covering 😊🤞

Happy new to you lovely. X

The first snowdrop I've seen. Brilliant! X

Happy New year to you & your family.

Happy new year. I hope 2018 is a better one for you. I love seeing your snowdrops - a Spring is on the way.


Lovely pic ! xx

Happy New Year, Sylvi. Let's hope it brings better health and less pain. That's the first snowdrop I've seen this year and so beautiful. Hugs


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