Oh deep joy!

Just had a call from my GP saying the results of my bone densitometry scan are in and they're recommending I take calcium and vit D supplements. Looks like the mystery of the secret shrinks is about to be solved. Had convinced myself that l was worrying unnecessarily as life surely wouldn't be unkind enough to chuck anything else at me but seems it would. Due to go see her tomorrow morning so agreed we'd discuss it then along with everything else. What was the name of that film when I was younger? They shoot horses don't they ......

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  • You will be given ad-cal and they don't taste too bad,you take them twice a day to strenghen your bones. No they put them out to stud.xx

  • there is also calceos( lemon flavoured) and the adcal d3 are fruit flavoured ( tutti fruti)

  • There is a drug that's given for full blown Osteoporosis I believe - don't know what it's called but you have to stand up when you take it. My friend was worrying for the same reason but she is in the pre-osteo stages still so only has to take calcium and vit D and she's absolutely fine so please don't worry - it's probably more preventative than anything else. You're certainly not ready for shooting Misty we'd all miss you horribly! Could this explain other symptoms you've been having I wonder re the Fibro notion? Poor you I hope your GP is sympathetic and helpful tomorrow - let us know how you get on anyway. Tilda xx

  • Tthe drug Tilda mentions is alendronic acid,. quite a nasty drug.. I have a feeling this is not required as gp didnt offer it... GP always are the best bet. x

  • Oh Summer, why is it a nasty drug? I took this for a year and had no side effects at all?

  • My rheummy prescribed ad cal and alendronic acid !! How lucky am I. He asked me a few questions and then said I was at danger of osteoporosis must admit because no tests have been done I do feel 'how can he tell' . Along with everything else !!

  • Prevention is better than cure. You have a good care system then :o)

  • When did u have scan? I'm waiting results. It's routine for people of certain age, post menopausal, with RA etc etc i gather. They don't know about you particularly but I for one am in a high risk group

  • Love sylvis idea of putting you out to stud, I almost wish I had it!!!! What good reassuring advice you get on here take care xx

  • Usually they give you this to avoid any further damage (me too) I take Calci-chew (2 tabs a day) as Adcal I find horrid. According to the scan results I am in the stage before Osteoporosis (amber on the chart...... - traffic light system). Everyone with RA needs to ask for a bone density test. And then ask for one 2 to 3 years after, to draw a comparison.

  • alendronic is not nasty if taken as directed ie remain upright for 30 min after taking etc But.. if taken incorrectly it can cause oesphagus damage.. the large glass of water recommended with it is v important too x

  • i took this for a while , then had a scan which said i had normal density. I read the leaflet and is says not to lay down its safe to sit you dont have to stand up for 1/2hr .

  • I was given calcichew as precaution when on the prednisolone but not since. I heard they avoid scans til necessary as dont want us exposed to the radiation unless necessary (is that just an excuse so dont have to admit they cost nhs money I wonder)

  • mm thanks for this link, hadn't really thought about bones, will ask rheumy on my next visit as the last rheumy said he would scan me and it hasn't been arranged. xx

  • Hi gals, One of the brand names is Fasamax, that's one of the ones you have to take a half hour before breakfast, not even coffee, and stay upright. You can sit, but don't lay down.

    I have Osteoporosis and have been getting an IV Push injection of Boniva every three months. I have been told it is due to having taken Steroids, like Prednisone, for a lifetime before the lab people realized it caused bone density loss, ie Osteoporosis.

    I have had three spontaneous fractures of vertebrae in my spine, and 2 of the metatarsal bones (on top of foot) So it is nothing to take lightly.

  • That's Fosamax Loretxx

  • 18 months ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, was duly prescribed the necessary medication and had a repeat scan twelve months and found that My osteoporosis had reverted back to osteopenia which is less severe than osteoporosis, so good news the medication is effective. long may it continue. Wendy xx

  • Thanks tiger. With luck that means my osteopoenia will revert to normal bones. Doubt I'll re-grow the three inch height loss though. Need to start getting used to staring at armpits :0

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