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I have finally finished my dam DLA form today. My social worker in the hospital helped me to complete my first one last year. So its been a real a baptism of fire for me. I only get the mobility component but it is a real help to me to keep my car going enabling me to shop, visit friends etc and of course the eternal hospital visits. So fingers crossed subject to your pain and stiffness level so if you cant cross them physically just visualise it. Lol.

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  • Hi Sharon, so glad you managed to get it completed. It really is not a test for the faint hearted, I did mine 3 years ago and it took me hours and I am a lawyer used to these types of forms! I also get the mobility element which has enabled me to do my job, shop, see friends etc and generally get about . My hospital is 50 miles away so i do need a car without having to ask my husband to take time off work to drive me!

    My fingers are very stiff and painful today - don't know why - maybe change in the weather. Best of luck to you and I hope the DLA appl. is successful. Lavendar Lady

  • Thank you so do I.

  • I reapplied again not so long ago and wasn't very hopeful, you sit for hours filling in this form and in the back of your mind your thinking "what's the point?" but I was successful and I expect you will be too! xx

  • Oh thanks I hope so.

  • was unsuccesful in 2009 but am going to reapply any tips? x

  • there are lots of tips online if you Google DLA Form and RA...I was told to write it as your worst possible day, I only filled in the questions relevant to me so the form was completed fairly quickly this time - I suppose it helps that I've done it before but first time I did do it with Cizitens Advice's help and only got the same as I get now (which is better than nothing) :) xx

  • NRAS do a booklet to help with this! I have one somewhere just can't lay my mitts on it. Worth giving them a call to see if they can send some info,

  • oh thank you for that info.

  • I was told by my rheummy nurse to try for DLA. I filled the online form in to see if I might qualify and it said no. So I haven't bothered. it sounded to me like you had to have both arms and two legs missing before you could get anything??

    So good luck Sharon, I wish you all the best with it.

    Julie xx

  • yeh last time.. not qualified as can walk short distance unaided etc

  • We are interested in hearing about peoples' experiences of claiming DLA and other benefits. If you have a story you would like to share then please get in touch with me at jamie@nras.org.uk

  • hi, i am on my second time claiming and there is lots more to fill in this time,fingers crossed i will get it again, i have got worse in the last 2yrs and filled it in as my worst days,i have alot of them but the decision maker cant see me, ah well as per just have to wait.!

  • Yes thats best cause if you fill in as if its a good day I dont think you would get it. Which is unfair cause our RA means we never know how we are going to feel from one day to the next. Hope you get a good result.

  • Good Luck with it all xx

  • thank you ducks.

  • Hope you get the desired result Sharon. It's great to have something financial that helps you get about. I would be stuck without my car as walking even short distances can be difficult.

    Good luck,

    Lyn x

  • Yes you are so right.

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