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Return to work & OH!!!


I had to attend a back to work fitness with OH department. My school had asked the OH dept for the borough to do it. They did inform me that they were going to do this and I was fine about it.

The meet was this wednesday gone (yesterday) and I have been cleared to go back to work starting on the 23rd Jan after about 10 wks of work on a phased return lasting a month.

Well the OH has recommended that I get a new chair with lumbar and hand support, an allocated parking space near the entrance to the school once I start driving to work again, a lighter lap top, a trolley to pull my papers, supplies etc around. I work on one floor only, rather than be expected to work across the whole school complex, as there is no lifts. She (OH), also gave me a work to access form, to contact them, for further assisstance, which I will do sometime next wk. She also stipulated that I must be given time of to see my consultant, rather than expected to do all my appts. in my time of.

Well you could imagine my works, in particular the head face. They received the report this afternoon about 4ish. I have been contacted by email twice - that I have a meet with head and head of dept. monday and now they have gone into overdrive I also must have a risk assessment with a H&S officer also. After doing nothing, now they are are interested in helping. The OH also reminded the school that they had a dutry of care under the equality act to do the necessary adjustments, that she the OH has recommended.

I have no doubt that all and more will be implemented, and I am glad that I personally did not have to go and ask for the above to be done (well I did ask for the laptop, but nothing came of this). But it just goes to show, that they were quiet happy to do nothing until they are made to do something.

Wish me luck as I now have to have the patient as I will be over helped just to save their faces!

Take care all

Sci x

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That's fantastic news! Its sounds like you have a great OH dept.It's a pity your head didn't do more to help you in the first place.Glad you've got a phased return - it can be a bit of a shock when you've been off for a while.Make sure though that all this is in place before you start back,you are entitled to all the help you are getting remember that.

Hope your meeting goes OK Monday - I hope they apologise for their lack of care to you before

Julie xx


Hi Julie

Thank you, I don't think that they are actually going to apologise, but he will authorise things to be bought and finally put in place, as they do not want me to make a formal complaint.

Cheers Sci x


Hi Sqi,

Lovely to hear positivity re work, you OH sounds great, i got good help my OT in work, and as you say, I think bosses would just leave you to it, if you were not protected by the law. I am glad you are being enabled to continue your career, as you should.

Regards, Gina.


Well done that all sounds great Sci - it's so nice when others support us and show us kindness isn't it even if it's their job to do so, it still makes the world of difference to the way we feel about life, the work place and boosts our self esteem. TTx


hope it all goes to plan, please keep us updated as my OH are waiting on me being fit enough to go back and I will be facing the same problems as you. Axx


Congratulations Sci, it's so nice to hear a good new story. My only advice would be is; Arrange your assessment with Access to Work as soon as possible as it can take a while from assessment to aids being ordered/delivered.

I've attached a link with info about Access to Work it may be a problem for your employer if you've worked there a while as they will have to pick up most of the costs for equipment. Access to Work only give 100% grant if your in a new job or been there for 6 weeks after that it's on a sliding scale depending on size of employer and number of employees.

Good luck and well done you.

Beth xx



Thanks for this link Beth, I hope to get back maybe March they thjink, so will contact them before . Axx


Good luck, hope all goes to plan and you get the aids you need. xx


Well pleased for you sci. You go girl get everything you need. I will be keeping an eye on when you blog to see how work goes.

Love to you, sylvi.xx


Fantastic Sci, lets see them jumping to it now.


That's brilliant news, take it slowly and take care

Susanh xxxx


massive grin:)

so pleaseed for you!!

hope all goes well

access to work are fab!! ive had alsorts off help and i did manage to get 100% help even though Ive worked there almost 18 years unless its changed in past 2 years

while your not driving too they may also be able to help with costs off getting to and from work taxis etc mine do

ive had loads off gadgets, furniture etc from access to work x make sure you tell them everything that hurts etc

i have leg rests for when ,my knees are bad, they make alll the differnce for something so small

good luck :)

julie x


Hi all

Thanks for all your advice & salutations.

I will try and ring access to work on monday. Will keep you all updated.

Cheers Sci xx


well done you xx.. I have to use my own time for appointments great nhs oh well xx


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