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Well all you well wishers , I went, and yes it bloody did hurt, I breathed in and in and in just like you all said BUT not one of you said anything about breathing out again, I went blue and dark blue then I went crimson, The nurse screamed and the doctor almost shat, breathe out Mr B breathe out, so I did and I went pppptttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt all round the room just like a big balloon, as you might have guessed it didn't really happen like that but I wish it had LOL , the needle did hurt not at first lol but when he pushed a little more wow, the nurse said " not much longer" as they do lol she said it again , I don't know why as she never said it in the first place, lol she did reassure me though lol and it was over in a matter of a few minuets, phew I heard you shout, good ears eh all that way from where you all live, I was glad it ended when It did cos yes you guessed right again it hurt like heck.

My arm now feels like IT IS GOING TO FALL OFF and I might put ten, yes ten morphine patches on for the night, and two paracetamol lol .

thank you all for your earlier help.

Take care and if you need an injection into any of your joints then please please don't read this.

Philip :-))

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Well Philip you just had me in stitches - thanks! Good luck tonight rest up and you will hopefully feel the benefit soon. TTx


Don't men make a fuss over a prick!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you still have your sense of humour. xx


OOOHHH LOL :)) LOL :)) Philip, You are goood! LOL You had me there for just a second, as I'm thinking, oh for heavens sake, he can't be seriuos!!! Good one

Hope it was all worth it soon! Loretxx


So it was all absolutely fine & painless then? We told you it didn't hurt...... (But do rest now so that it works properly - no weight lifting today please). Px


AAArgh, Funeeee!! omg I was so upset cos i told you mine was ok and then i thought i must have a good pain threshold, but then i realised i'd been had!!!!!

Gosh now my heart stopped fibrillating, glad it was ok and .....................................................................................I'll get you back ! lol!



Ha, what a funny blog, Philip! You had me laughing & reading it eagerly for more.

I had it once where it hurt that bad afterwards, but usually it doesn't.

Hope the pain goes away quickly.



Sorry to say I did not warn you, but how can someone tell you its going to be excruciating and that your brain will explode with messages of get that bl..... needle out! The one I had into my hip joint was by far the worse one, oh no maybe it was the wrists! Anyway I am unable to move my shoulder for pain and this has been for quite some time, I have refused the offer of a steroid injection into it but I know it will come, and the powers that be will stay only hurts for a second, yeah right, they haven't had one. Take Care Lorrayne


if it helps you have to do it, my other arm has started feeling the same lol but ill wait before I see a doc about that one lol


Did you not ask for the freezing spray ?

OMG This is enough to put me off for life.

How do you feel now?


Didn't know about it but now I do, I will! I do admit thou' they do work x


Hi RM, I feel a lot better tonight lol still a bit tender, like the others say it will all be worth it, I wasn't in the xray dept for long and yes they froze it without me asking so that was ok and to me I have to say yes it did hurt but the doc took the needle out after a couple of minutes, I'm still a little tender, I think it will all be ok in the morning and if I don't get any pain after a few days then I'm happy, dont be put of cos as you ladies say , " its only a little prick". lol Im a bloke and with the fibromyalgia it does make things a lot worse because of the pain threshold is so much lower than normal.



Thank you everyone for your support, After all you've got to laugh, Don`t ya lol

Thanks again

Philip ( The Brave )


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