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Oh No, Not Again!

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My hubby was awarded his PIP for ten years he is 68, he lost his highmobility element a few years ago and didn’t appeal. He is in a worse condition now and is in more pain because of lack of doctors and covid it’s been impossible to see someone, his physiotherapist gave him a phone appointment and told him she couldn’t help him and to go back to his doctor. It just goes on and on. Now after three years the dreaded PIP form came in again and he has to fill it in. Has this happened to anyone else? He is so stressed out between his pain and now this happening, I know he won’t be able to get his high rate reinstated because of his age but they could take it off him, it’s so unfair, we thought he was over all these stressful forms.

41 Replies
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It’s so stressful. I would join ‘Benefits and Work’ (google). It’s about £20 to join and you get access to their guides and there is a helpful forum for any queries. I thought they left you alone after you reached State Retirement age; but maybe that’s just for people on Enhanced Both now I think about it. Care can be awarded at Enhanced Rate once you are retired if you are already in receipt of PIP, though not mobility as you say. Good luck x

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Lizard28 in reply to CripLady

Thank you for that reply. Apart from being in more pain there has not much that has changed from last time we filled it in. We will certainly appeal if they try to take it off him. I thought they would leave you alone after a certain age but obviously not.

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madme1 in reply to Lizard28

Hi Lizard28 I had the higher rate until about two years ago when they took 300.00 a month off me. I asked them to reconsider and they did but came to the same result. This nearly drove me up the wall as my mum was very sick and I was her main carer. I applied to Welfare Rights and found them to be extremely helpful. I gave them my answers, but they could put the responses much better than me using my words not theirs. They send you a copy of the form with your replies on, then if you permit it they send you the full responses for you to put on the form, either that or they fill it in on you behalf, I can't remember. DWP rang me again after they received my form and after 45 mins of another interview in which they asked the same questions over and over again she finally said "Do you know what, ... I'm just going to give you the money." I broke down and wept because she knew at the start that I was on my own. When I got it, I then applied for a motabity car, which, does mean that £240.00 per month comes off my payment but we needed the car, and thank god we got it. Your hubby's increase in pain needs to be reported, contact Welfare Rights and good luck.

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Lizard28 in reply to madme1

Thank you for your reply, I will certainly keep what you wrote in my mind when the result comes back.

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BoneyC in reply to CripLady

Not sure it will work, but try using Benefit & Work code '57436' to get 20% off (£15.96 instead of £19.95).

If unsuccessful with keeping PIP, look into Attendance Allowance instead.

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Lizard28 in reply to BoneyC

Thanks for that info, I’ve never thought of that.

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Good luck it is so stressfull Hopefully things will be fine im sure it will

Do mention about the mobility cannot do the 20 metres alot on forms

It will make the current awards very strong

Hopefully just a paper rieview this time lots get that at this age with 10 year award or ongoing 🤞

Good luck for your husband

P.s its so unfair about the mobility

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Lizard28 in reply to Ajay575

Oh I really hope so, he is so stressed with it, when he even opened the letter he immediately vomited and it was just stress. Fingers crossed we don’t need to do a f2f but I also hope it’s not a phone one, he won’t cope with that either. His mental health is not good at all.

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CripLady in reply to Lizard28

I would state in your application that you would prefer a paper based assessment because of these things. Get someone to write you a support letter stating this if possible; maybe your GP.

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Lizard28 in reply to CripLady

Unfortunately we have sent it away, but our GP surgery keeps sending texts out that they are only taking urgent calls because of the shortage of doctors, where have they all gone?. He used to see the same doctor once a month before Covid, he is on his own now but typical man won’t push it. Doesn’t want to admit he needs help.

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madme1 in reply to Lizard28

Also Lizard did you know that if they offer you a face to face at a place that is too far to travel you can request to change it, don't be frightened to and let them know why you can't get to the place of their choice.

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Things just don’t improve.I have no knowledge of PIP,

Bit,last year consultant referred me to physio for hands.

I forgot about it,months later physio rang me to make a phone appointment.

When she rang ng me ,she referred me to 2 sites on YouTube. 3 minute phone call.,

Perhaps you could type your husband’s conditions on n toYoutube and see what comes up ?

Also NRAS have Loads of info plus exercises .

I know it’s not ideal,but we are living in strange times.

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Lizard28 in reply to Oshgosh

Yes you are quite right, we are living in strange times, exercises just don’t help him unfortunately, his spine is crumbling and will only get worse. Thanks anyway for your reply.

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Oshgosh in reply to Lizard28

It’s difficult.I go a private sports physio once a month.I have fractured vertebrae plus lung conditions,and auto immune conditions.She keeps me going.which makes life a bit asier .

If something else crops up, she will fit me in.

It’s worth the money,i found the NHS physio offering inadequate to say the least.

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Just received mine and states part of a recheck every 3 years so probably why this is with you again. If you get the medical notes and prescriptions and if online with NHS app it does make it easier to print it all but the medical centre should print off anything missing.I threw in a copy of any hospital letters and other stuff and sorted. I appreciate it is a pain to do but go in with a mindset that you can claim this and if hubby in a worse state then make sure you answer the questions in such a way they can see it.

Deep breath and go for it once in the post you will feel better too!

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Lizard28 in reply to Deeb1764

Thank you, it’s in the post after taking days to write it, luckily we kept a copy of the previous one. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

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It's dreadful but I'm afraid it seems to be every aspect of care. In my area and I'm sure yours if you check there are people who sit and fill the gorm in with you its a mine field to do on your own. You must ALWAYS appeal 80% of appeals go through.please please get help completing your forms. The citizens advice are very good too but you'll wail longer hor them. Best of luck x

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Hi lizard28 my hart goes out to you and all those who have suffered at the hands of this dreaded form.It is designed to humiliate while tacking away desperately needed help.

The only way to beat it, is to face it head on and fill the thing in. Take into consideration your husbands worst days, use this to get what you are entitled to.

And when you wrongly judged one point below there threshold APPERL !

Don't let them make you feel worthless and push you to the ground again. This is your right. We live in a country where we support those with the greatest need.

Sorry to sound harsh but this is you and your husbands furniture. You should be angry, use that anger to get the form filled in and sent of.

If a disabled dyslexic like me who's stuck in bed in pain who struggles to get to the bathroom let alone fill this awful form in can do it, then so can you.

I've not seen my doctor for a couple of years there is nothing they can do for me other than keep supplying painkillers. This didn't help applying for help, but i managed to get the higher rate.

Some achievement lol

I still feel ill every time I get a letter, and it's been 4 years. Only 6 years left before the next one.

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Lizard28 in reply to Tourk

Thank you for your reply, my hubby is the same, hasn’t seen a doctor face to face for a few years now, when his painkillers don’t work anymore, he gets them changed over the phone, it’s a hopeless system. We took our time filling in the form so much so they sent out another letter saying they hadn’t received it, we had just posted it. We received a text to say they had received it. Just hope they hurry up with their decision now and put us out our misery. Best wishes to you Tourk.

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Tourk in reply to Lizard28

I hope you get it this time, though that is double-headed, as it means your husband is suffering terribly from his disabilities.I wish you both all the best

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marie66 in reply to Lizard28

Don’t expect a quick decision, they’re taking ages! My friends form went back last October and my hubby’s in March and both still waiting! It’s hard but just try and push it to the back of your mind for now. Chin up ((hugs)) M x

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Lizard28 in reply to marie66

Thank you Marie, they were quick enough sending a second letter to remind us they havnt received our form which was in the post to them. I will just have to wait and keep my fingers crossed he gets a favourable result. Best wishes x

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madme1 in reply to Tourk

I was out by one point, they did a mandatory reconsideration and came to the same result. It was the I got in touch with Welfare Rights.

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Tourk in reply to madme1

my best friend has quite advanced MS, sadly he's at the point where he is incapable of looking after himself anymore. he only got one point for personal care. washing and cooking. this left him just one point below the threshold. he was too devasted to appeal.I worried about his safety. I can't get out much but kept in contact with him every day. he did say eating a box of tramadol was tempting. I told him that, that is what they wanted. not to give them the satisfaction of making him take such drastic action. sorry if that sounds dramatic. being faced every day with pain and lack of mobility is in itself hard enough, but when you are forced to justify your disability and needs it's devastating. when you lose the support you depend on, it doesn't only affect you but those around you.

it's not the people who work in the system it's those that give the orders.

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Lizard28 in reply to Tourk

It’s just an awful system Tourk, I feel so sorry for your friend, it’s so unfair. You must worry so much for your friend. Take care x

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madme1 in reply to Tourk

For a brief second and at the very start of my treatment 8 yrs ago a considered the same with paracetamol and shouted to my husband well I'll just take the whole b****y bottle then shall I! I'll never forget the look on my husbands face and the fear that he felt for months and months about leaving me alone with pills in the house. I'd been denied treatment for so long then given ineffective treatment, so much so that I ended up in hospital. Then I got angry and used that anger to fuel the will to get to a point where I had some function. I used the hobby of writing thinking up powerful words and phrases, to get me through anything I found tough, because whilst I didn't have the strength in my body, I could build it in my mind. Welfare Rights also helped get me back on an even keel mentally, when that money was returned. Also keep a copy of everything that is sent to DWP doing this helped them as well.

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Tourk in reply to madme1

I'm so sorry you've been through such a terrible ordeal. The people who changed the benfit system to torture those with the greatest need are pure evil. It has never had anything to do with saving money but to push a political agenda of hatred and contempt for the British people.Saying that there are some wonderful people / groups in the UK that fight for what is right, they care about others and want what's best for everyone not just a selection extremely wealthy few. (Rant over)

At my lowest times I say to myself don't give them the satisfaction, That's has helped me as it helped my friend to keep going, to take each day as it comes.

It must of been hard for your husband, but you came through you kept fighting and got there in the end.

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madme1 in reply to Tourk

Thanks Tourk that's much appreciated.

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CripLady in reply to Tourk

I couldn’t move for 2 years and got £20 a week DLA. They are b*******.

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Lizard28 in reply to CripLady

It’s the worst system in the world, take care xx

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Tourk in reply to CripLady

If there is such a thing as an "evil " entity a devil then it's clear to see where its found a home. Doesn't say much about the people who suport them lolCan't afford to look after those with the greatest need, but can borrow nearly £600 billion, so they can give billions in public money to party donors.

Makes me sick

Over 100,000 people have died on nhs waiting lists as a direct result of political agenda many more taken their own lives out of desperation.

What times we live in

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I hadnt realised you couldnt get higher rate once u retire if you were already on PIP. however make sure when u fill it in you put his worst symptoms. Someone I knew had a lady who helped him fill the form in and went with him when they wanted to see him….for the life of me I cant remember where she was from. Take care

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CripLady in reply to Evie3

You can’t claim for an ‘increased’ award (Standard to Enhanced) for mobility, but you can for care. You must already be in receipt of PIP (prior to State Retirement Age).

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I get higher mobility on PIP and I'm 70. Definitely seek advice from CAB or Benefits and Work online.

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Lizard28 in reply to Coppernob

Thank you, hubby got his taken off him just before retirement age, he was too stressed out to appeal but I don’t think he will get it back up now that he is 68. When did you get yours if you don’t mind me asking?

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Age UK have mentor too. Fill form in if they reply with not desired result, send reconsideration request, then if still not result you need hand to mentor to help with tribunal. The system is very wrong indeed and DWP challenges at tribunal have well over 65% success rates! We are at reconsideration stage ourselves!! 12 weeks for that reply to come. Stick with it and try not to get too stressed there are many places to help.

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Lizard28 in reply to Ernie52

Thank you for that info, we will defo appeal this time if result not good.

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Hello Lizard28, oh no not again about sums it up . The stress caused by these things is tremendous. Your husbands health needs dealing with as for the pip if you are getting it before retirement then you continue after retirement but its the confusion of retirement age thats causing issues. Both PIP and DLA are working age payments but many disaabled people continue to receive them after retirement, you are right if your husband did not appeal then he won't get the high mobility of pip or DLA now. Of course he could plead no knowledge of new regulations for a reason for late appeal or even a legality being reason for loss of benefit, but you would need a solicitor conversant in DWP rules. Very Stressful and could take a long time to process. hIgher rates of care can be granted after retirement but as said not for mobility. Its strange how mobility and care are treated different even though they are the same benefit. There may be other financial help available but its usually dependent on disability criteria most councils only help severely disabled which is usually defined by the benefits you receive , not the real facts of how you manage your life or not. My recent experience says once you reach retirement you are thrown on the s crap heap for health and benefits, as you are not contriibuting to the government coffers which is totally wrong as you pay in all your life. Good Luck do fill in the form and ask for home visit for assessment if it proceeds. Another thing to watch out for is once retired being treated as if miraculously your disabilities/illnesses have gone away. Will be thinking of you both.

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Lizard28 in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you for your kind words, I just feel as if doctors don’t care anymore, I really hope he gets this through ok and we don’t need a face 2 face.

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katieoxo60 in reply to Lizard28

I often feel like you do , but try to keep going and keep stress to a minimum. Best Wishes

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Thank you so much x

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