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Not rhumy related but my stress levels have exploded

Well folks , I don't write on here much as hands make it too hrd . but well have had a horrible couple of weeks and need to share . On weds 2nd of January my eldest daughter (38) and 31 weeks pregnant was rushed to hospital . She had been fine until she got out of bed . She fel ill and dizzy and could not see and was being sick. My eldest grandson (16) rang an ambulance for her he was frightened .

It was found that she had a brain bleed they treated and booked her for a brain op for the Friday and had to deliver my new granddaughter by emergency C section . and is doing brilliantly . My daughter was then given a scan and found that she had a massive brain aneurism in the center of her brain that was inoperable . We were warned she would not survive , a surgeon said he would do a new procedure but at very high risk. She had in fact a low chance or no chance . He did this on the Friday after noon took 8 hours . and it was a success she survived . She has now the symptoms of a stroke and for the next 3 weeks is in intensive care in case of new bleed . But she is alive , talking and has even regained her sight which was lost for a week , it is a miracle . She has Beautiful daughter who is thriving . She will never be right and will take a log time getting back to happy health , but she is here , her children have their mum and I still have my eldest daughter and my younger children have their big sister .

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h my darling i feel for you as a mum as your so helpless as you can't do anything to help your daughter. I hope she recovers soon and she will be able to look after her new daughter. LOve to you all


This is a miracle and we are blessed compared with her, I hope she makes the best recovery possible, one of my best friends had a stroke in her thirties (late 30s) and now mid/ late 40s has made a good recovery.. when well enough we both go to rock gigs together she went from being paralysed and in a wheel chair to now "just using sticks for balance more for confidence a lovely person and a brave fighter like your daughter


I am so sorry, this must of been devastating for you and your family.. I so hope that things improve for you all, These are the times when will feel so great full for the nhs profession, And then you have the great news of a beautiful grand daughter, As summer has said what a miracle, I am thinking of you, Take care Shirley XX


What an extraordinary rollercoaster of emotions you've been on - from terror and almost certain loss to birth and incredible survival against the odds all within a month. I so hope your daughter continues to go from strength to strength. Mind your RA and make sure you rest lots because she will continue to need you very much indeed. Xxx

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I'm so glad that your daughter survived, but what a terrible time for you. Take care of yourself though as ra bites back with stress.


Oh my goodness, what a horrific time you've been having. Congratulations on the arrival of your new granddaughter - my daughter was born by C-section around the same time and is fine (though not under such dramatic circumstances). I'm so pleased your daughter is doing so much better than expected. The human body is sometuimes its own miracle.

Somewhere in all this, try to find time to look after you. Your daughter and granddaughter are going to need you for the long haul, so looking after yourself now is important.

Dotty xxx


I'm so glad that your daughter has pulled through this....what an amazing miracle! The journey to recovery sounds like it will be a long haul but at least you all have each other to care for & support each other.

Please remember to look after yourself...take care & hope all goes smoothly for you all.



Oh my dear goodness! I can echo all that has already been said, just keep in mind, despite what you will need to do to help, you must take care of YOU first, or you won't be much help. A new baby girl! I have one coming in April, can hardly wait, my first great grandaughter, her mommy being my first grandaughter. I pray your daughter continues to improve, though we know it is a slow recovery. All the best, Loret xx


Pam what a lot you have all been through, your poor daughter, so glad that she got through it. She must be a fighter like yourself. I hope the journey ahead is not too bad and you enjoy your little granddaughter.


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