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Down but not out

Hi everyone, been off site for a while since my son died suddenly 2 days before Christmas,we miss him terribly,but he is forever in our hearts. I have been in hospital for 3 weeks with pneumonia,on oxygen as my lungs n bad way,very weak,told its along recovery time, maybe months,but younger son and dear friend looking after me.On a happier note, my daughter in law has got a new puppy, a red setter called Chewy( after Star Wars chewbacca) its giiven them all something to smile about since losing their dad,I had a setter, they are a real handful, but lovely with kids, and so beautiful to look at.I am longing for some nice weather so can sit in garden.wishing you all a hopefully a good meds day for the pain.Wet and windy here in Kent,is sun shining in your corner? X

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Oh my darling i am so sorry for you all on the loss of your son.We are all here to support you darling and anytime you want to rant feel free as we will be here for you darling.

Good news about the puppy it will help you all with the pain your all going through. Hugs from me.xxxxxxxx


Words are not enough. I am SO so sorry for your loss and it's not surprising it is taking it's toll on your body.

You need to get yourself well now for your family even if it takes a while.

I wish I could come with a hug fleece blanket and wrap you up and tell you everything is gonna be ok. It will be but in time.

I'm glad you have your friends and family to help you after all these unbearable life traumas. Sometimes the world seems so cruel. But other times you will feel happiness again.

Nice to hear about The new puppy x

Get well soon . Xxxxx mwah


Very sorry for your loss, we are all here for you and hopefully the new puppy can help you's at this sad time and that is why your poorly just now but you will get there Slowly but surely take care xxx

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So sorry for your loss. The death of a child must be the worst pain of all. Hope your own heath improves. So difficult to mourn when battling with illness yourself. You are all in my thoughts. Mavis xx


Hi sorry to hear of your sad loss and that you haven't been too well yourself

I'm in Essex it's windy and raining here

Hope you begin to improve over the next few weeks. It looks like you are being well looked after.

The puppy sounds lovely hope you all enjoy Cheryl.

Hopefully the weather starts to warm up soon.


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Oh dear, life does seem so unfair, your own health has suffered as well, you seem such a lovely lady, I hope with the help of your family and friends you make a good recovery, and a new puppy to bring you all some much needed joy. Wishing you better soon, from a wet and windy Essex. Soon be Spring, we have had a little taste of it. Take care. Hugs G xx

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Hi Rosebaywillowherb nice to see you back.

My heart goes out to you and your family over your loss.It may not feel like it right now but things will get better.

I am also very sorry that you have suffered bad health.I am not surprised .A shock and upset such as yours was bound to have an effect on you .I hope you soon recover,and sounds like you are being well cared for.

Getting a puppy was a good idea,a busy little bundle of fun needing love and attention will make the children smile ,and on occassion be a welcome distraction from what is really happening all around them.That is not to say they will not think of their dad, but the puppy will give them something else to focus on.

Take care all of you and I hope you recover your strength soon and make a full recovery.




So sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.


PS great to hear of the joyful puppy :-)


Hi RoseBay - I am so terribly sorry for the loss of your wonderful son. There are no words that will make it better, but maybe knowing that others are sending their love and good thoughts to you will help a little.

My sister lost her husband last year about this time, and she lost both of her dogs within three months too, but she got a new puppy. That has helped her to have something else to focus on and has given her a fair amount of distraction and relief.

It's good that you are not out. All of us get down, but how we handle it is critical..


Bless you, so sorry for your loss 😘

Big hugs




luv n hug from wet windy freeezing Co. Down Theothers havesaid it all 4me xx

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You're sounding so brave, you must be enduring the most indescribable sadness. I hope your pneumonia improves quickly and send warmest wishes to you and your family.


I lost my brother with a brain Hemorrhage many years ago he was 38. The apple of my mother's eye....There will be the questions why, and no reasons to truly understand, but the love given and felt never ever goes away...My brother was an amazing organist, introduced me to classical music. Never a day passes you know even after all these years without Pete coming back to me in my thoughts. Especially when I play the piano and I am struggling, I just say "Help me out Pete" and believe it or not I start to play much better.

I do hope that you are on the road to recovery, take just one day at a time. As for the pup, my husband and I rescued a setter in France, he was homeless, so thin, scraggy, covered in ticks and for ever hungry. He found the courage to creep up to us closer everyday, and he ate just everything, and what he couldn't eat he would dig a hole down the lane and bury it for another meal another day. My daughter now lives in France and is part of their family. Beautiful, Beautiful dog, we named him Mr. Bonjour.....he often comes back to England for a visit and has never forgotten Michael and I. Animals understand other people's pain and can give great solace to people in need.

My regards to your family XXXXXX


So very sorry about your son Rosebay. My son died unexpectedly 6 years ago. You won't get over it but you will learn to live with it. Sending peace and wishes for better health for you across the pond.


Hope you are feeling much better soon. It's very understandable that physically after such a dreadful shock and bereavement your own health will take a bad turn.

Be kind to yourself. Chewy sounds gorgeous!

Take care



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