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Diagnosed with RA in the summer of 2010 after almost a year of painful swollen knee. When it first started up I went to the ER because I thought that my dog had popped my knee out of place when he bumped into me. (My dog weighs over 150 lbs. so that is why I thought this) The Dr proceeded to inform me that I was overweight, old and had degenerating joints. He didn't say it like that but that is how I took it!. His suggestion for relief was to go home and take it easy, the pain will go away eventually. Finally got into a clinic(no insurance) and I got a sweet PA who actually listened to me. It still took a few months but she finally ordered the tests for RA. When she called to tell me she said that the results were "through the roof" and referred me to a rheumatologist. Now just waiting for the good days(very few and far between) and a med that will actually help. Right now it is methotrexate, plaquenil, leflunomide and steroids. I have not been able to work now for almost two years. I am in total awe of anyone with RA still working. My Dr just tells me to fill my days with something else and I should start to forget about ever working again( I was a machinist).I actually thought that I was getting better because I can now walk without crutches but Dr says a lot of damage happening. I keep telling him that I could do the commercial for Rice Crispies(snap,crackle and pop). I have had people tell me that I should not be in public because of my unsteady gait. I told one woman that I had Ra and she replied "whatever". So most of the time now I hide out away from public places and only go when I have to. I am glad to have found places like this, to actually talk to people who understand!

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Hi Salem and welcome, sorry to hear your story of more ignorant members of the public. I too went to my local A + E dept when my legs swelled from my knees to my ankles , I thought I had a thrombosis after having recent breast surgery and was told either it was due to over exercising or HRT.I was sent home and told to see my gp after the weekend. I am also glad of this site and find it helps to be around people who understand.take care xx


I too am glad this site is here. There are a lot of people on here who have supported through the lst few weeks when thing seem to have gone downhill with my life and family. I aslo don't go out as much as i used to as i find it too much hassle. My confidence has gone downhill as well. I have to rely on a scooter to get about which i loathe,but it is sooo needed. I wouldn't get out without it. I'm unable to drive a car so that has gone. I got made redundant 2yrs ago and i couldn't work now which annoys me no end.

It isn't easy finding things to occupy the day as the drugs make it hard.I can't read a book now as the concentration has also gone.

The up side,well i can spend days on here and cheering others up when they have a bad time like i have had recently.

The more people we get on here to moan or share joy the easier it is with others with his disease to see that we can go on.

So to all those ignorant people out there go and get lost.



welcome salem.. isnt there a film or book called salem's lot?



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