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2nd knee replacement Blog 3

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I'm starting to take bleary stock of this second knee. It's not been as easy as no 1, partly because I had a lot more bruising. I saw my physio yesterday and (unlike last time) she's encouraging me to go slowly, to start building up walking distances with 15 there and back along our hallway. She explained that it's not long since my first one, 5 + months and not to put too much strain on that one, and to build up slowly after the bruises. She's also concerned not to risk a RA flare. 

Im so grateful to be supported by someone so sensitive to my needs, it also makes me feel much better able to find my own pace.

I won't pretend it's been easy, the wound fizzed a lot at night and when the nurse removed the stitches she found I'd healed so well that I'd healed over them a bit. And I've got cramp like muscle feeling.

So the next week is going to be low key, I just wanted to let people know a bit more about the healing pain. 

Off to look for bluebell woods near Peebles this afternoon.

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Slow progress is frustrating but good longterm. Enjoy the bluebells!! M x

So glad that things are healing nicely despite the bruising darling. We expect the second op to be as easy as the first one,but it doesn't work like that does it darling. Have a lovely time at the bluebell woods.xxxx

Perhaps some gentle movements without weight bearing so it is moved but not pushed too much.  I used to lie on my front on the bed and bring the knee up behind as could not find anything suitable to sit on to swing it (and of course the bruising).  Farm

My exercise regime this week is three sets of ten up and down with donut, ditto of pushing knee down while bent on rolled towel and then similar lifting. And 15 lengths of our hall. 

I see physio again on Friday so we will adjust accordingly. She gives me a good massage too which helps the muscles. 

If there was a warm pool nearby I'd use that but we just have normal pools and I'm dealing with healing and RA fatigue! 

Gently does it, Cathie.   Do give yourself credit for what you are achieving.   I'm thinking of you, partly out of concern, partly self-interest;  as you know, you are a role model for knee replacements. J x 

Blush! - not used to being a model!!

I just wanted people to know that this time its quite a hard slog, partly because of the bruising. Not a doddle, but I think once the bruising has gone down, its going to be progress (rather than deterioration as in the past). I think that the physio has been absolutely key in how I'm doing, the only problem is that there's only one of her. And NHS physio provision isnt enough, sadly. They put you on the road to recovery, then its mainly up to you. The massage she gives helps enormously to get the muscles recovering. Even though I squeal a bit!

Well done Cathie,

Sounds like you are doing really well.  I saw a specialist last week and he has put me on the list for a right knee replacement, I am frightened but also relieved to hopefully get some normality again.  I shall follow your progress with interest.

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cathie in reply to Chalmers

I was scared too. Best thing is to prepare well with some exercise with a physio if possible. Having muscle strength helps the new knee to be supported. They went through the procedure at the preop and decided I should have an epidural which meant the recovery was quicker.

I hope you can get it done quickly, I'm not there yet, have a long way to go, but it's progress.

Go well!

Thanks everyone. Sharing because I didn't know what to expect and I hope this helps

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